About - Lauren Bell

About About Lauren Bell


Lauren Bell works with an honest and caring approach to guide you through life’s transitional periods and challenges


A passionate Money Mindset and Success Life Coach, Lauren Bell works with an honest and caring approach to guide you through life’s transitional periods and challenges.  These times often feel overwhelming and insurmountable. 

It’s natural to feel lost, to lack clarity and direction or be burdened by the weight of money stresses.

Having navigated through these difficulties herself, Lauren acts as the perfect guide to lead you boldly into your life, teaching you to have trust in yourself to build the life you’re capable of. You too can join many of her other clients in achieving greater success, honouring your deepest values, being true to you.

It’s easy to wish for more money and abundance, but in order to create outer wealth, you need to do the inner work. Money is a symbol for all areas of our life: how much we deserve to be paid, loved and respected by those around us. Through close partnership with Lauren, you will learn to dream big and know with confidence that you can achieve the extraordinary life you fully deserve.

The REAL reason you don’t see more money in your life is programmed into your mind-body connection without your permission. Get ready to ACTIVATE this mind-body connection, to LIBERATE yourself from limiting concepts and past money traumas. Ready yourself to CREATE a whole new level of wealth.

Founded on years of experience as a Registered Nurse, Tapping into Wealth Coach, counsellor, spiritual guide and Certified EFT and BodyTalk Practitioner, Lauren works closely alongside you to establish healthy, long-lasting proven strategies that work. These will allow you to commit to a new level of empowerment through confidence, success, financial comfort and happiness.

Based in Melbourne, Lauren predominantly works with heart-centred business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals and individuals who face a range of mental and emotional blockages. Through motivational coaching that draws on 30 plus years of industry experience, Lauren will help you Tap into Wealth and realise your full potential, leading to a deeper sense of purpose, success, financial stability, joy and freedom.