About About Lauren Bell


Lauren Bell works with an honest and caring approach to guide you through life’s transitional periods and challenges


As a long time health professional and a passionate Wealth Mindset and Success Coach, I love working with other caring professionals who are ready for change, who want to step up and claim more from themselves, for themselves, and from life.

I know transitions of all kinds can be scary and challenging, you have doubts and fears. But I do know that you will achieve them sooner with the support and accountability working with a coach.


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In this session, we will discover what it is you want and what mindset is getting in your way. Because often what holds us back from receiving is something inside us, that is blocking it. And once we remove that block, abundance, wealth, happiness and health comes towards us because we are ready to receive that. 


I have an honest and caring approach to guide and support you to navigate through life’s seemingly insurmountable transitional periods and changes.

When you feel lost, lacking in clarity or direction, burnt out from too much working and caring for others, or when you’re burdened by the weight of money stresses, you may feel like it’s hopeless, especially if it’s been going on for a while.

Having navigated through these kinds of difficulties myself, I can act as the perfect guide to lead you boldly into your life, teaching you to have trust in yourself to build the life you want.

As a health professional, I was caught up in a cycle of over-giving, taking responsibility for everyone else and neglecting myself.

I was running on empty.

Soldiering on, instead of stopping and assessing where I was, how I was feeling and what I really needed, I hit rock bottom.

Through soul searching and step by step with the help of my mentors and coaches, I climbed out and healed from this lowest place, to where I am now...soaring free.

And I want this for you.

My journey into and out of burnout I discovered the 5 keys I needed for success, to soar free.

These 5 keys now underpin the healing work of my coaching clients and workshop participants.

Through transformational coaching that draws on 30 plus years of industry experience, I will help you realise your full potential, leading to a deeper sense of purpose, success, financial stability, joy and freedom.

I have years of experience as:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Tapping into Wealth Coach
  • Counsellor
  • Spiritual Guide
  • Certified EFT Practitioner
  • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

I collaborate with you to establish healthy, long-lasting proven strategies that work for you, strategies that allow you to commit to a new level of empowerment through confidence, success, financial comfort and happiness.



My ideal clients are heart centred and in professional service in health, education, hospitality, retail or in their own businesses. One thing they all have in common is they are forward-looking and recognise that they want more, deserve more and are ready for more from life.

I invite you to join my other clients in learning to direct your thoughts for greater success, honour your deepest values, and be true to yourself.

Schedule your FREE Wealth Breakthrough session with me