Always Searching? Wanting the Thing to ‘FIX’ Everything?


Always Searching? Wanting the Thing to ‘FIX’ Everything?

Even with degrees in Applied Science (Health Promotion), and Post Graduate Nursing (Peri Anaesthetics) and Counselling as well as the many many courses and trainings in coaching, holistic healing and business, I have always been searching, seeking to find the answers to what has been limiting me throughout my entire life.




Now I understand that my quest was due to a deep core belief or soul myth that “I am not good enough”, showing up as “I am not good enough yet….” 

I use my trainings to validate me because deep inside I have not believed it for myself. The promise that so many trainings offer has always been a temptation too hard to resist. Tony Robbins states we all have a core wound of Not Enough and underlying this is I am not loved.

I have to agree with Tony. I have been looking outside of myself needing external validation that not even three degrees could soothe completely.

Through my Tapping Into Wealth Coach training and being coached myself I have learnt, understood and accepted the hidden agendas driving this seeking and yearning need to be “fixed” or “changed.” Finding this has been life changing. Now, I know there is nothing to fix, that I am good enough, that the truth is I am whole, perfect and unique (we all are). And the freedom that this has brought me, ahhh, I love it.

Now I look inside myself and nurture the part of me that does need love and approval, appreciation and validation. Instead of wishing covertly that my loved ones would fulfil me because they “should know” what I need, I now ask for my needs to be met. I allowing myself to be vulnerable and open instead of hiding behind a mask of intellect and strength.

I will be a student for life, I love learning, but now I am learning for a different reason, I choose it when it answers the passion I am feeling about learning something new and I can fully integrate it into my life. I ask myself why do I want to know more about this? Many times it is to make me a better coach, to heal myself so I can hold space, to bring more and give more to my clients whom I love.

Through all this I understand why I am so passionate to help and show beautiful, amazing people who have big hearts, but who lack confidence to speak up and ask for what they need. Those who like me hide behind more and more trainings, believing that this next course will be the one. Those who find it difficult to be seen and heard and who don’t yet have the courage to go after their dreams and live their life purpose fully.

Do you need to step up boldly and confidently to transform your life in areas where you feel stuck, frustrated and alone? I can help you and I would love to hear from you.

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Best wishes

Lauren x

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Always Searching? Wanting the Thing to ‘FIX’ Everything?