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It Starts With Me! How to Burn Bright Not Burnout

When you think about people who love giving, who are perhaps over givers, who do you think about? Mums? Nurses? Teachers? Someone you know? What about you? Do you over give too?



We have been taught by our families, by society,  to put the needs of everyone else before our own.

That it is selfish to put your own needs first. 

But, I have found that we have it back the front. 

We subconsciously believe that putting our needs first sends a message that wellbeing is our ONLY priority. 

So really it must start with me. I must put my needs and wellbeing first so that I can give from a full tank, not an empty tank.


It doesn’t feel good, does it? 

I have received care like that and I have also been the one giving it. It never feels good.

If you are giving yourself away everywhere you need to find a way to make you first.

Are you taking care of everyone else or caretaking? There is a difference. Taking care is with boundaries and healthy whereas caretaking is unhealthy and can lead to exhaustion and burnout.

Today, May 12th, 2020 is International Nurses Day, celebrating 200 years since the birth of Florence Nightingale and nursing as a profession.

Florence Nightingale

And the World Health Organisation (WHO) has appointed 2020 as the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife.

The theme is Nurses: A Voice To Lead – Nursing the World to Health.

And yet, nursing and the health industry is facing a crisis because caring for others is overwhelming and demanding.

Burnout rates for all industries have risen significantly in the last decade.  Physicians, nurses and other health professionals are among those who are most affected by burnout. With rates, somewhere between 40-60% even cited up to 78% in some recent publications. And it is rising.

High levels of stress can lead to conflicts and workplaces can feel unsupportive, even hostile, leading to high rates of staff turnover and many health professionals intending to or leaving the industry. 

And this was before the impact of COVID-19 😯

In 2019 the World Health Organisation identified burnout as a workplace phenomenon and added it to the International Classification of Diseases 11th Revision (ICD-11) not because it is a disease but because it is a major reason why people seek help from their doctors. 

Burnout is costing billions of dollars in lost productivity each year and impacts the health and wellbeing of each individual and those people who are in their care. 

So what is burnout?

It’s a syndrome that results from chronic stress in the workplace. Chronic stress can be from work and/or workplace conflicts. 

Burnout symptoms include emotional exhaustion, depersonalisation and reduced personal accomplishment. 

Or more simply put, if you feel exhausted, start to hate your job, and begin to feel less capable at work, you are showing signs of burnout.

The truth is having a high-stress job doesn’t necessarily lead to burn out if it is managed well. But there are certain occupations and certain personality characteristics such as perfectionism and pessimism that predispose a person to burnout. 

As a Registered Nurse for over 30 years I’ve been through the heartache and shame of burnout feeling unappreciated, isolated, unfulfilled and resentful. I was questioning what is the point? 

Burnout my experience
Through my experience of burnout and my recovery, I discovered aspects about me that led me to burnout. At the time, I didn’t know I was in burnout until I was through it and could look back on that time of my life.

At the time, I didn’t know I was in burnout until I was through it and could look back on that time of my life.

As a sensitive, empathic, person I see and feel people’s pain and their wounding and am compelled to make them feel better. I was over responsible for everyone else and under responsible for myself.  

I am an idealistic, spiritual and love holistic health and hold an optimistic view of the world and of people. Classic rose-coloured glasses! Yet I barely shared this side of myself at work, believing that western medicine and holistic health/spirituality could not go together. I lived with my feet in two camps. 

Around 12 years ago as a single mother, I returned to full-time nursing. My three sons were only 8,10 and 12 years old. I was juggling a new job, a new relationship, and studying.

It was a lot.

Then I took on a role with even more responsibilities. 

But I didn’t even stop to think about that, I just kept adding more to my plate. And with my high ideals, I was imagining the difference I could make in the work I was doing. 

It became apparent that I could not achieve what I wanted, I was not able to please my managers or myself, I became more and more disheartened, demotivated, burdened and cynical.

I didn’t share my struggles, I didn’t speak up or reach out for help, instead, I complained and I withdrew and became more and more isolated. 

Not in touch with my feelings, stressed, I took it out on my family. The littlest thing such as the boys leaving their dishes on the sink was enough to have me yelling. 

I was doing so much and doing none of it well. I felt unworthy and not good enough.

I was running on empty. 

I felt powerless, stressed, I was making poor decisions. 

Then I hit rock bottom

The Turning Point 
I was in the doctor’s office, he was behind his desk, he was being so kind, compassionate and listening to me, looking right into me, seeing me. As I sat there red-faced with tears streaming down my face, I couldn’t speak, I felt so ashamed, embarrassed, my heart was breaking 💔 

Then it dawned on me… I was doing this to myself. 

I was not listening to what I wanted or needed, I was soldiering on, even though I was desperately unhappy.

I realised right then and there that if I don’t do what I need to do to care for me then I am self-neglecting, self-sacrificing and even self-abusing.

I could make a choice,
I could do this for me 

To put myself first, my heart, my peace, my happiness, my health was foremost. Because without it who was I?


I could make a choice,

I could do this for me 

I realised IT STARTS WITH ME! and in my recovery, I discovered the 5 keys that are needed to soar free.



Drop into your heart ❤️

Drop into your heart ❤️

 The mind doesn’t have answers

The heart ❤️  doesn’t have questions

DR Sean stephenson


I took time out for me and listened to my heart 

What do I want? What do I love doing? Who do I love being? 

I did know what I needed. I do have the answers inside me. 

I had been living a lie, denying myself, my heart and soul wanted to express my love for holistic wellbeing, to embrace my spirituality, I had to stop censoring myself. 

I could no longer pretend with my 2 feet in 2 camps, I had to be real, authentic, to show myself, to be myself, to be proud of myself. 

I shared this with my family, my work, my friends and even though I felt vulnerable and uncomfortable, I soon discovered there is freedom in being vulnerable. 

Take responsibility for you, not for everybody else 

Working with my mentor helped me to take responsibility, to move to a place of empowerment instead of being a victim tossed like a pinball in the pinball game of life. 

I could see that I had been caretaking not taking care. 

Know yours and honour them 

And commit to them. You get to teach others how to treat you when you have boundaries. 

Can be changed, make them empowering 

Choose empowering beliefs

I looked at my beliefs and recognised many erroneous beliefs that weren’t serving me. I chose to believe in me. 




Learn tools to support you.

Mindfulness and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping helped me to feel my feelings and to express my truth. Feeling is healing and it enabled to me develop self compassion, acceptance and self love, to know my own value and deservingness.

This started everything flowing into my life 

Benefits of choosing

Now think about your life, where you are not listening to you?
Where are you needing to do something for yourself?
Where are you putting everyone else ahead of you? 

is for you to know what you need to take care of you.  At home, in your workplace, in your career, in your relationships? So that you too can feel happy, on purpose, fulfilled to the brim and overflowing.

As a Nurse with A Voice To Lead – Nursing the World to Health and as a coach I know it is time for you to address your self-care in an empowered way. Gain emotional mastery and take responsibility for your own professional and personal wellbeing.

It Starts With Me!
Burn Bright Don’t Burnout

So how well are you doing?

If you are giving yourself away everywhere you need to find a way to make you first. 

Take my special quiz Are you Taking Care or Caretaking? FREE Quiz to assess right now how you are doing with this. 

Visit to learn more about Lauren and get your complimentary Are you Taking Care or Caretaking? FREE Quiz 

“Self-care is giving the world the best of you instead of what is left of you.” Katie Reed

It Starts With Me!  Burn Bright don’t Burnout.


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Lauren Bell helps nurses, healers and caring professionals who feel burnt out, stuck, angry and silenced to step up, stand out and be valued at the highest level in their field. Passionate for holistic health and wellness – body, mind, and spirit, Lauren delivers high impact transformation with therapy, coaching and workshops to move you forward and live the life you dreamed of; ‘An Extraordinary Life.’ Visit to learn more about Lauren and get your complimentary No Apologies, I Deserve More Toolkit.  

Forget About Fitting In at Work

Fitting In Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Fitting in isn’t all it was cracked up to be back in primary school. When we were young, we learned to limit ourselves, play small, hide behind masks, all so we could please others and avoid conflict.

Then fast forward, we’re all grown up, and we’re still unconsciously following someone else’s rules (from family and the society). Mostly we don’t even question it until it becomes too hard, too uncomfortable or deeply painful to continue pretending as if all is OK.

If you notice yourself going along with what others are saying or doing, or asking you to do, whether you agree with it or not, just to keep the peace, here are some steps you can take to win back your power.

Step 1: Notice that you are sacrificing yourself to keep the peace or not rock the boat. Take a bit of time to journal about what’s going on, what are the habitual thoughts that keep influencing you, and how you really feel about it. You don’t have to show it to anyone, this is really for you to become more conscious.

Step 2: Clear the emotional charge around the issue. One way is to just allow yourself to feel. Sometimes this can seem really hard but it’s actually the fastest way to clear it. Many times I’ve noticed things clearing astonishingly fast just by allowing the emotions to be. I also have found EFT (Tapping) to be extremely helpful for this, and it is my method of choice to use with my clients.

Step 3: Decide. There comes a time when you have to decide that you are worthy, that what you say and think and feel has value. Making this decision becomes the foundation for the future steps you will take in the direction of your own empowerment. Once again, I use tapping to bring forward the strength, power and confidence my clients need to move forward.

Step 4: Get help. As a therapist, I have seen it all, and as a woman, I have been there too. What I know is that this world can be a difficult place, and we all need support now and again.

I would love to offer you my No Apologies, You Get To Be You Consultation

During this consultation, you’ll gain

  • Clarity on where you want to go, be or do.
  • Understand your biggest obstacles that
    are stopping you from achieving your dreams.
  • Map out exactly what you should focus on to
    move forward.
  • Receive my best recommendations for your
    Extraordinary Life Strategy and the next
    steps you should take.
  • My honest evaluation of what you can achieve
    once you get clear and take action.
  • Calls are recorded via phone or Zoom video
    conferencing. You’ll gain aha’s and will want
    to listen again.
  • This session is valuable, worth $200.
    It is yours free and with no obligation. 
  • Feel heard, understood and clearer. 



You may reprint this so long as you include the entire unedited article including this footer.
Lauren Bell helps nurses, healers and caring professionals who feel burnt out, stuck, angry and silenced to step up, stand out and be valued at the highest level in their field. Passionate for holistic health and wellness – body, mind, and spirit, Lauren delivers high impact transformation with therapy, coaching and workshops to move you forward and live the life you dreamed of; ‘An Extraordinary Life.’ Visit to learn more about Lauren and get your complimentary No Apologies, I Deserve More Money Toolkit.  

Happy New Year 2019! Time to stop, rest, reflect and vision.

I wish you prosperity in all of your life; in love, joy, health, freedom, money, success, beauty, fun, whatever you are dreaming of.

So 2018 has come and gone, my how quickly time flies.

I love this time of the year to stop, reflect, not do too much, to withdraw from electronics, read a novel, nap, do whatever feels right in my mind and body.

The Christmas holidays whether I am away on vacation or just enjoying time at home is the only time of the year that I actually allow myself to stop and rest and have no plans at all.

Each day during my morning ritual I will see what is my inspired action for the day is and will set that as my intention. At this time of the year, it may be read a novel by the pool for at least 1 hour maybe even 4!

And in fact, this year I did that. I read for longer and have finished my book. I loved it, not the book (it was an average read). I loved the time and space and freedom that I allowed myself.

You see even though I am a big promoter of taking responsibility for self-care, I have recognised that most of my self-care is actions, things I do, such as walking Ruby through the local nature reserve, receiving a facial, a pedicure or a back massage. I am naturally a doer, always taking action so for me the real test, and rest is to stop and just be.

The truth is I do find it hard to stop and rest.

I have become conscious of my inner critical voice that is constantly nagging, always harping, and never satisfied. This voice when I rest doesn’t feel comfortable. I may get 15 minutes if I’m lucky, but before I’ve really settled into this me time, I’m reminded of all the things I need to do. And then so easily, my inner critical voice wins, I give up and go back to doing again.

The problem with this though is I never get the rest and time out that I am craving.

Eventually, because I haven’t nurtured myself in the way I truly need I find myself waking through the night or in the early morning in a state of overwhelm and stress, not with the refreshed and ready to go feeling that I should have after a good nights sleep.

This puts me into a state of I can’t be bothered, exhausted, listless, and I ask myself, “Why am I pushing so hard? Why bother?” It feels uncomfortable, I am in victim mode, poor me, powerless and complaining.

I use myriad of things that helps me move through this state, but mostly it is about honouring how I feel, accepting how I feel and loving myself deeply and completely anyway…more about that later.

The point I am making here is the need to actually stop and rest and be in the feminine, receiving mode, just being and appreciating just because I deserve it; I need it.

I need it regularly, more often, the balance to my doing, doer, masculine energy.

And, the truth is I’ll get more done, I’ll achieve more because my cup is filled, I’m in balance, happier and more energetic.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because they don’t work.

I do visualise and dream up my desires and how I want to feel and I create my More Of’s list. More of’s are all the things, feelings, experiences you would love more of in your life.

So my first More Of for 2019 is to have more being time, no pressure, nothing to do, just be, maybe journalling, maybe meditating, maybe sitting in the sun, maybe smelling and loving the flowers, maybe watching the sunrise or sunset, or maybe sitting with my back against a big, beautiful tree.

It sounds heavenly.

What is your first More Of that you’d love to welcome into your 2019? Please share in the comments below.

Beautiful Big Gum Bendigo Botanical Gardens

You may reprint this so long as you include the entire unedited article including this footer.
Lauren Bell helps nurses, healers and caring professionals who feel burnt out, stuck, angry and silenced to step up, stand out and be valued at the highest level in their field. Passionate for holistic health and wellness – body, mind, and spirit, Lauren delivers high impact transformation with therapy, coaching and workshops to move you forward and live the life you dreamed of; ‘An Extraordinary Life.’ Visit to learn more about Lauren and get your complimentary No Apologies, I Deserve More Money Toolkit.  

The Shaggy Duck Story Seeing The World Through Our Unique Lens

Image Credit: Ernst Vikne -

Image Credit: Ernst Vikne - [email protected]

When I lived in an organic farming community, one morning I sat on the porch of the bunkhouse, watching members walk across a grassy area to the dining hall. 

Beside the path, Pete the duck sat and quacked at people as they walked by. 

A professional singer was the first to pass by Pete that morning.
Upon hearing him, she stopped and told him, “How nice of you to sing me a morning song!”

The next woman along the path was rather overweight. When she heard Pete quack in her direction, she scolded him, “You’re always quacking for more food, Pete. It’s time you stuck to your diet!” 

The final person to pass was a very intellectual architect. Hearing Pete’s voice, he retorted, “Questions, Pete—always questions! How about some answers for a change?” 

Hmm . . . Each person saw Pete through the lens of his or her own self-perception. They projected their worldview onto the duck and attributed their beliefs about themselves to him. It was their own selves they were talking to. 

We are all speaking only to our own self.

This beautiful story is truly a classic. It is from Alan Cohen's book A Course In Miracles Made Easy and illustrates how we all view the world through our own lens. And mostly we do this so unconsciously we assume that everyone else sees, hears and interprets the world the same as we do. 

Christmas Stress or Christmas Joy? Top 10 Ways to Have the Best Christmas Holidays Ever


The Christmas holiday season is already upon us. And with it comes the hope that this one will be truly magical.

Although Christmas is a time for love and connection with family and friends, singing carols and connecting deeply spiritually, celebrating this year’s achievements and objectively reviewing how the year panned out, I find it sneaks up on me.

Many of us quickly get bogged down in busyness, stress and old patterns.

This morning I decided to do something different, to honestly identify the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that I have leading up to Christmas. This is so that I can choose to do something different this year.

These are just a few examples of ‘worries’ that I uncovered:

  • The hassle of finding and putting up the decorations and decluttering the house to fit them in.
  • Eating too much at Christmas and New Year’s and putting on extra weight.
  • Spending money that feels tight and wanting to be more generous than I am.
  • Deciding on what presents to buy for my loved ones.
  • Feeling that I am too busy, too tired, that there is too much preparation.

Do you relate to these? Do you have other ones too?

Give yourself a moment to become really clear on what it is that stresses you about this holiday season. There is so much more peace in awareness because then you can choose to do something different.

Here are 10 ways to turn that dynamic around and create the magic.

  • 1. Give yourself a break. Perfection—even perfect happiness—just isn’t possible. Let your best be good enough. Make a budget for both your time and your money—and stick to it. It really is the thought that counts.
  • 2. Make conscious decisions. Get clear about what you really want to do over the holidays before compromising with others. If you don’t have a clear plan and clear intentions, you might find yourself getting swept along by others’ desires. Even if you compromise later, get clear first.
  • 3. Shorten your to-do list. What do the holidays mean to you? For many, it’s about family and friends and spirituality. If an item doesn’t add to your holiday spirit, scratch it off.
  • 4. Say no when you want to. It’s very liberating. Try it and see. It sounds simple, but too often obligation trumps desire. When faced with options, choose the one that would make you happier. If you can’t avoid certain events, limit the time you’re there.
  • 5. Take good care of yourself. The old standards help keep stress at bay: eat healthfully, exercise, drink lots of water, and breathe deeply. Schedule time for relaxation and fun.
  • 6. Start early. To avoid a last-minute frenzy that can bust your budget, start shopping or making presents now.
  • 7. Ask for help. Reject any notion of martyrdom. The burden of preparations should not fall upon one person. The more specific you are in your request, the more successful you’ll be.
  • 8. Establish new traditions. If you have experienced a major life-changing event, such as a death or divorce, consider doing something you’ve never done before over the holidays, such as travel to another country or take a cruise.
  • 9. Do your own Personal Peace Procedure.
    Here’s a quick overview of how to do your own Personal Peace Procedure

    • Identify your limiting beliefs, things that have happened that you wish had not happened, worries about things that might or might not happen. Write them all down, one idea per line, on your personal peace list.
    • Rate them out of ten on the stress scale, 0 being no stress and 10 being maximum stress.
    • Each day tap on one item on your list (the highest rating on the stress scale). Rate it again now that you are about to tap on it, and keep tapping and assessing until you can get your stress level down to at least 2.
    • Notice any ah ha’s or insights that arise from your tapping and journal those in your peace procedure journal.
    • You will find that after tapping for a few days the overall stress level for many of the other identified beliefs or memories will have come down too. Keep choosing an item to tap the stress down and you will enjoy an improved level of peace and acceptance that carries over into other parts of your life.
  • 10. Get support. If a glorious holiday season feels completely out of reach, you may experience the holiday blues. Many people do. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling that way. Reach out for the support you need.

Call me on +61 409 1715 77

Email me: [email protected]


And have an Extraordinary Christmas Holiday Season.

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Lauren Bell helps nurses, healers and caring professionals who feel burnt out, stuck, angry and silenced to step up, stand out and be valued at the highest level in their field. Passionate for holistic health and wellness – body, mind, and spirit, Lauren delivers high impact transformation with therapy, coaching and workshops to move you forward and live the life you dreamed of; ‘An Extraordinary Life.’ Visit to learn more about Lauren and get your complimentary No Apologies, I Deserve More Money Toolkit.  

Seeing The Silver Lining During Difficult Times Leads to Profound Growth

Seeing The Silver Lining during Difficult Times Leads to Profound Growth


How often do we see the gift and blessings that come out of difficult times?

The proverb, “Every cloud has a silver lining,” can be traced back to at least the early 17th Century. It reminds us that difficult times do pass and that there is something positive to be found in negative situations.


Life can be so challenging. When we are in the midst of tough times, it is easy to be engulfed by the feelings it evokes and the often negative meanings we ascribe to it.


And although we do know that things will pass with time, it is important to feel and experience the depth of what we are going through. Otherwise, we are just band-aiding the pain that needs to be healed and it will continue to rise up until we do finally deal with it.


Looking back at some of the most difficult times in my life, I realise they were times that I experienced the most profound growth.


Although the pain was great it allowed me to make difficult decisions that I had been avoiding. I was able to finally face, stop and listen to what my heart was telling me.


Many times I experienced a 180-degree turn in my understanding, in my courage, in my feelings of being deserving.


I do believe in a Universe that happens for you, not to you, so at some level, there is always soul growth and expansion occurring even when it seems as though this can’t be so.


My love to you if you are on that difficult road right now and I pray you are able to experience the silver lining soon.


Have you ever experienced something exceptionally positive that came directly from a difficult time? I’d love to hear a bit about your story. Please share in the comments below.



You may reprint this so long as you include the entire unedited article including this footer. ABOUT THE AUTHOR:
Lauren Bell helps nurses, healers and caring professionals who feel burnt out, stuck, angry and silenced to empower themselves by connecting with their own untapped internal resources. Passionate for holistic health and wellness – body, mind, and spirit, Lauren is an uplifter and motivational coach who uses therapy, coaching and workshops to move you forward and live the life you dreamed of; ‘An Extraordinary Life.’ Visit to learn more about Lauren and get my complimentary No Apologies, I Deserve More Money Toolkit.  

Self Care, necessary or hype? Is your cup full?

In October 2018 I am a speaker at the Australian College of Perianaesthesia Nurses (ACPAN) National conference in Brisbane. My presentation is experiential for all the participants involving the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping as a way to self-care.

The Self-Care Message is essential for nurses. It is essential for anybody that cares for another. So that means pretty much all of us. Parents, children, siblings, friends and those who care in professional roles.

So many of my colleagues and my clients tell me they are good at giving but not good at receiving. But there are so many reasons why this doesn’t serve them or the people they are caring for.

It’s the old analogy... For safety, you must fit your own oxygen mask first before attending to another.

We all need self-care and we must take responsibility for our own self-care. It is not up to anyone to do it for us.

When we have a good understanding and respect for this, we do this from a place of honouring our needs. There is no reason for guilt or excuses such as lack of time. We may need to ask another to step in for us while we attend to our own needs.

Unfortunately, all too often we give and give and give until we are depleted, burnt out, stressed, we make ourselves sick physically, mentally and emotionally and it impacts our relationships and how we care.

For me, self-care means filling my cup. We must give from the overflow, not the cup itself,  then we are never depleted, and we CAN give our best.

How do you fill your cup?

For me, I love walking with my dog Ruby. She shows me how to be present in the moment and I feel grateful and blessed to be alive. She runs so fast with a big smile on her face, so happy and excited to be free, outside, full of speed and delighting in all the sniffs she can find.

There are so many ways to do self-care. Meditate, mindfulness, massage, healing sessions, special meals, outings with friends, exercise, reading a great book, smelling the roses, sunsets, craft, cuddles….

Some can involve a cost but there are many and varied ways to do self-care that are free too.

There is no right way, but it must be your way. And what you must do is be conscious of it, appreciate it and acknowledge that it is your self-care and that you are filling your cup.

Enjoy your self-care. Make it your priority. You deserve it. 

Always Searching? Wanting the Thing to ‘FIX’ Everything? Reasons for Always Seeking.

Even with degrees in Applied Science (Health Promotion), and Post Graduate Nursing (Peri Anaesthetics) and Counselling as well as the many many courses and trainings in coaching, holistic healing and business, I have always been searching, seeking to find the answers to what has been limiting me throughout my entire life.



Now I understand that my quest was due to a deep core belief or soul myth that "I am not good enough", showing up as "I am not good enough yet...." 

I use my trainings to validate me because deep inside I have not believed it for myself. The promise that so many trainings offer has always been a temptation too hard to resist. Tony Robbins states we all have a core wound of Not Enough and underlying this is I am not loved.

I have to agree with Tony. I have been looking outside of myself needing external validation that not even three degrees could soothe completely.

Through my Tapping Into Wealth Coach training and being coached myself I have learnt, understood and accepted the hidden agendas driving this seeking and yearning need to be "fixed" or "changed." Finding this has been life changing. Now, I know there is nothing to fix, that I am good enough, that the truth is I am whole, perfect and unique (we all are). And the freedom that this has brought me, ahhh, I love it.

Now I look inside myself and nurture the part of me that does need love and approval, appreciation and validation. Instead of wishing covertly that my loved ones would fulfil me because they "should know" what I need, I now ask for my needs to be met. I allowing myself to be vulnerable and open instead of hiding behind a mask of intellect and strength.

I will be a student for life, I love learning, but now I am learning for a different reason, I choose it when it answers the passion I am feeling about learning something new and I can fully integrate it into my life. I ask myself why do I want to know more about this? Many times it is to make me a better coach, to heal myself so I can hold space, to bring more and give more to my clients whom I love.

Through all this I understand why I am so passionate to help and show beautiful, amazing people who have big hearts, but who lack confidence to speak up and ask for what they need. Those who like me hide behind more and more trainings, believing that this next course will be the one. Those who find it difficult to be seen and heard and who don't yet have the courage to go after their dreams and live their life purpose fully.

Do you need to step up boldly and confidently to transform your life in areas where you feel stuck, frustrated and alone? I can help you and I would love to hear from you.

Call me on +61409171577 Email [email protected]

Best wishes

Lauren x

Live An Extraordinary Life

Honour Your Individuality, Follow Your Heart Freedom is being you, without anyone's permission

I was listening to Mike Dooley's Life on Earth while travelling 6 hours on the bus from Sapa to Hanoi whilst on holiday in Vietnam.
It really was inspirational and I felt very grateful for Mike's message. 
What I loved most and my takeaways were...
  • I am, we are, all truly blessed.
  • Honour your individuality.
  • Follow your heart.
  • Honour yourself and your dreams.
  • Live deliberately, love consciously and know all is supremely well.
  • Be the light unto humanity.
  • Love all because you love yourself.
  • Nothing you could ever do will ensure another’s happiness, it’s up to them.
  • There is no mistake you are eternal, you chose to be here.
  • You are what God wanted you most to be.
  • You are supremely God.
  • You are literally the eyes and ears of creation.
  • Humanity is waking up.
  • This is our chance to wake up to who we really are.
  • It's your choice, you are at a crossroad, awaken or resist?
  • Time-space are illusions.
  • Life is being projected by you, not perceived by you.
  • Thoughts become things.



We have chosen to be here on Earth at this time, we are eternal beings and humanity is waking up, consciousness is being raised and we are realising that we do have a choice. The choice is between FEAR and LOVE. 

If we listen to our hearts when we need to make a decision and our body feels open and peaceful, or excited and happy then that is your answer, follow your heart. Choose love. 

However, if you feel constricted, anxious, contracted in your body then your answer is no. It means you need to avoid the situation because it is not right for you and your heart is letting you know. 

This is where I use a very cool prayer when I recognise that I am in fear. I say to myself, "I recognise I am choosing fear, in this holy instant I choose love instead." I find this so comforting and really do experience that the Universe does have my back. 


Create Your Intentional 2018

Create Your Intentional 2018

Wow… can you believe 2018 is nearly here?

Did you achieve all you planned for 2017?

Did you even have a plan? Many small business owners, coaches and health and wellness practitioners don’t.

The reasons for this are numerous, we are busy, we get distracted easily, setting goals brings up our resistance, and, it can feel overwhelming and scary.

However, as a coach and business owner, I know how important it is to set intentions and goals in all areas of your life. Setting and reviewing goals gives you clarity to see where you have been and where you want to go. Create the life you want intentionally, choose to be extraordinary!

This is some of the most critical work that you can do to set yourself up for success.

First, start with your intentions, your vision, then identify your top goals for the year and chart a strategic map to achieve them.  Extraordinary years don’t happen by chance. We need to be inspired, dream, vision, plan, act and believe.

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Antoine de Saint Exupery

Here are some simple steps that you can do to get the ball rolling. Set aside some time away from the busyness and tune into what you really want for yourself.

  1. List your key life areas: Health, Career, Relationships, Emotions, Spiritual Growth/ Contribution, Time, Money, Contribution and make a heading for each one.
  2. Under each heading visualise what you would love, what would you love it to look like, how do you want to feel? Write down the first things that pop into your head. Brainstorm here, you can review and edit this later.
  3. Ask yourself, what word or theme would sum up all I wish to achieve next year? What has stopped me before?  A word or phrase can lead to a breakthrough and act as a powerful invisible guide and inspiration for everything you do.

This will give you a great place to start. First, we dream, then we visualize. Sit with this, review this, see how it feels, tell your loved ones about it. Believe!