Seeing The Silver Lining During Difficult Times Leads to Profound Growth

Seeing The Silver Lining during Difficult Times Leads to Profound Growth


How often do we see the gift and blessings that come out of difficult times?

The proverb, “Every cloud has a silver lining,” can be traced back to at least the early 17th Century. It reminds us that difficult times do pass and that there is something positive to be found in negative situations.


Life can be so challenging. When we are in the midst of tough times, it is easy to be engulfed by the feelings it evokes and the often negative meanings we ascribe to it.


And although we do know that things will pass with time, it is important to feel and experience the depth of what we are going through. Otherwise, we are just band-aiding the pain that needs to be healed and it will continue to rise up until we do finally deal with it.


Looking back at some of the most difficult times in my life, I realise they were times that I experienced the most profound growth.


Although the pain was great it allowed me to make difficult decisions that I had been avoiding. I was able to finally face, stop and listen to what my heart was telling me.


Many times I experienced a 180-degree turn in my understanding, in my courage, in my feelings of being deserving.


I do believe in a Universe that happens for you, not to you, so at some level, there is always soul growth and expansion occurring even when it seems as though this can’t be so.


My love to you if you are on that difficult road right now and I pray you are able to experience the silver lining soon.


Have you ever experienced something exceptionally positive that came directly from a difficult time? I’d love to hear a bit about your story. Please share in the comments below.



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Lauren Bell helps nurses, healers and caring professionals who feel burnt out, stuck, angry and silenced to empower themselves by connecting with their own untapped internal resources. Passionate for holistic health and wellness – body, mind, and spirit, Lauren is an uplifter and motivational coach who uses therapy, coaching and workshops to move you forward and live the life you dreamed of; ‘An Extraordinary Life.’ Visit to learn more about Lauren and get my complimentary No Apologies, I Deserve More Money Toolkit.  

Self Care, necessary or hype? Is your cup full?

In October 2018 I am a speaker at the Australian College of Perianaesthesia Nurses (ACPAN) National conference in Brisbane. My presentation is experiential for all the participants involving the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping as a way to self-care.

The Self-Care Message is essential for nurses. It is essential for anybody that cares for another. So that means pretty much all of us. Parents, children, siblings, friends and those who care in professional roles.

So many of my colleagues and my clients tell me they are good at giving but not good at receiving. But there are so many reasons why this doesn’t serve them or the people they are caring for.

It’s the old analogy... For safety, you must fit your own oxygen mask first before attending to another.

We all need self-care and we must take responsibility for our own self-care. It is not up to anyone to do it for us.

When we have a good understanding and respect for this, we do this from a place of honouring our needs. There is no reason for guilt or excuses such as lack of time. We may need to ask another to step in for us while we attend to our own needs.

Unfortunately, all too often we give and give and give until we are depleted, burnt out, stressed, we make ourselves sick physically, mentally and emotionally and it impacts our relationships and how we care.

For me, self-care means filling my cup. We must give from the overflow, not the cup itself,  then we are never depleted, and we CAN give our best.

How do you fill your cup?

For me, I love walking with my dog Ruby. She shows me how to be present in the moment and I feel grateful and blessed to be alive. She runs so fast with a big smile on her face, so happy and excited to be free, outside, full of speed and delighting in all the sniffs she can find.

There are so many ways to do self-care. Meditate, mindfulness, massage, healing sessions, special meals, outings with friends, exercise, reading a great book, smelling the roses, sunsets, craft, cuddles….

Some can involve a cost but there are many and varied ways to do self-care that are free too.

There is no right way, but it must be your way. And what you must do is be conscious of it, appreciate it and acknowledge that it is your self-care and that you are filling your cup.

Enjoy your self-care. Make it your priority. You deserve it. 

Always Searching? Wanting the Thing to ‘FIX’ Everything? Reasons for Always Seeking.

Even with degrees in Applied Science (Health Promotion), and Post Graduate Nursing (Peri Anaesthetics) and Counselling as well as the many many courses and trainings in coaching, holistic healing and business, I have always been searching, seeking to find the answers to what has been limiting me throughout my entire life.



Now I understand that my quest was due to a deep core belief or soul myth that "I am not good enough", showing up as "I am not good enough yet...." 

I use my trainings to validate me because deep inside I have not believed it for myself. The promise that so many trainings offer has always been a temptation too hard to resist. Tony Robbins states we all have a core wound of Not Enough and underlying this is I am not loved.

I have to agree with Tony. I have been looking outside of myself needing external validation that not even three degrees could soothe completely.

Through my Tapping Into Wealth Coach training and being coached myself I have learnt, understood and accepted the hidden agendas driving this seeking and yearning need to be "fixed" or "changed." Finding this has been life changing. Now, I know there is nothing to fix, that I am good enough, that the truth is I am whole, perfect and unique (we all are). And the freedom that this has brought me, ahhh, I love it.

Now I look inside myself and nurture the part of me that does need love and approval, appreciation and validation. Instead of wishing covertly that my loved ones would fulfil me because they "should know" what I need, I now ask for my needs to be met. I allowing myself to be vulnerable and open instead of hiding behind a mask of intellect and strength.

I will be a student for life, I love learning, but now I am learning for a different reason, I choose it when it answers the passion I am feeling about learning something new and I can fully integrate it into my life. I ask myself why do I want to know more about this? Many times it is to make me a better coach, to heal myself so I can hold space, to bring more and give more to my clients whom I love.

Through all this I understand why I am so passionate to help and show beautiful, amazing people who have big hearts, but who lack confidence to speak up and ask for what they need. Those who like me hide behind more and more trainings, believing that this next course will be the one. Those who find it difficult to be seen and heard and who don't yet have the courage to go after their dreams and live their life purpose fully.

Do you need to step up boldly and confidently to transform your life in areas where you feel stuck, frustrated and alone? I can help you and I would love to hear from you.

Call me on +61409171577 Email [email protected]

Best wishes

Lauren x

Live An Extraordinary Life

Honour Your Individuality, Follow Your Heart Freedom is being you, without anyone's permission

I was listening to Mike Dooley's Life on Earth while travelling 6 hours on the bus from Sapa to Hanoi whilst on holiday in Vietnam.
It really was inspirational and I felt very grateful for Mike's message. 
What I loved most and my takeaways were...
  • I am, we are, all truly blessed.
  • Honour your individuality.
  • Follow your heart.
  • Honour yourself and your dreams.
  • Live deliberately, love consciously and know all is supremely well.
  • Be the light unto humanity.
  • Love all because you love yourself.
  • Nothing you could ever do will ensure another’s happiness, it’s up to them.
  • There is no mistake you are eternal, you chose to be here.
  • You are what God wanted you most to be.
  • You are supremely God.
  • You are literally the eyes and ears of creation.
  • Humanity is waking up.
  • This is our chance to wake up to who we really are.
  • It's your choice, you are at a crossroad, awaken or resist?
  • Time-space are illusions.
  • Life is being projected by you, not perceived by you.
  • Thoughts become things.



We have chosen to be here on Earth at this time, we are eternal beings and humanity is waking up, consciousness is being raised and we are realising that we do have a choice. The choice is between FEAR and LOVE. 

If we listen to our hearts when we need to make a decision and our body feels open and peaceful, or excited and happy then that is your answer, follow your heart. Choose love. 

However, if you feel constricted, anxious, contracted in your body then your answer is no. It means you need to avoid the situation because it is not right for you and your heart is letting you know. 

This is where I use a very cool prayer when I recognise that I am in fear. I say to myself, "I recognise I am choosing fear, in this holy instant I choose love instead." I find this so comforting and really do experience that the Universe does have my back. 


Create Your Intentional 2018

Create Your Intentional 2018

Wow… can you believe 2018 is nearly here?

Did you achieve all you planned for 2017?

Did you even have a plan? Many small business owners, coaches and health and wellness practitioners don’t.

The reasons for this are numerous, we are busy, we get distracted easily, setting goals brings up our resistance, and, it can feel overwhelming and scary.

However, as a coach and business owner, I know how important it is to set intentions and goals in all areas of your life. Setting and reviewing goals gives you clarity to see where you have been and where you want to go. Create the life you want intentionally, choose to be extraordinary!

This is some of the most critical work that you can do to set yourself up for success.

First, start with your intentions, your vision, then identify your top goals for the year and chart a strategic map to achieve them.  Extraordinary years don’t happen by chance. We need to be inspired, dream, vision, plan, act and believe.

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Antoine de Saint Exupery

Here are some simple steps that you can do to get the ball rolling. Set aside some time away from the busyness and tune into what you really want for yourself.

  1. List your key life areas: Health, Career, Relationships, Emotions, Spiritual Growth/ Contribution, Time, Money, Contribution and make a heading for each one.
  2. Under each heading visualise what you would love, what would you love it to look like, how do you want to feel? Write down the first things that pop into your head. Brainstorm here, you can review and edit this later.
  3. Ask yourself, what word or theme would sum up all I wish to achieve next year? What has stopped me before?  A word or phrase can lead to a breakthrough and act as a powerful invisible guide and inspiration for everything you do.

This will give you a great place to start. First, we dream, then we visualize. Sit with this, review this, see how it feels, tell your loved ones about it. Believe!