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Love Your Extraordinary Life

Ever since I was a young woman, I have been passionate about health and wellness for my own spiritual, personal and professional growth. And was always compelled to share everything I learn with my loved ones, friends and clients.

My nursing training started fresh out of secondary college at age 18. I was idealistic and excited, in love with the idea of caring and helping people. Nursing seemed like the best place for me to be!  

Loving to study and always having a drive to learn more, I earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Promotion, I loved the idea of helping people reach their peak potential for wellness. I worked in acute areas in renal medicine with chronic patients and after 20 years switched to working in the operating theatres. I earned a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing Anaesthetics and Recovery and later a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling. Besides these academic pursuits, I also hold numerous certifications in coaching and holistic therapies: BodyTalk, Emotional Freedom Technique and Wealth Transformation. With all of this knowledge and understanding, I view the world differently, particularly the healthcare setting I work. I felt that I had my feet in two camps, never really showing myself truly, never owning who I was or all that I knew.

All of this led to burnout…

My innocence and idealism were challenged when I found myself in toxic workplaces, that fostered blame, infighting and systems instead of people. Like many nurses, I felt underappreciated, undervalued, overworked and underpaid. I found myself asking, how can this be it? What am I doing here? I was burnt out, exhausted, disillusioned and angry. Wondering how is it that the system for health does not care for its carers, I was heartbroken.

But I had a fire inside that would not go away!

Finding a better fitting workplace and working with self-compassion, forgiveness, self-acceptance and self-love I was able to fully own my unique gifts, my right to live passionately, with confidence and authenticity. I began sharing my somewhat different views on healing and healthcare with other nurses and caring professionals. I became more real, recognised my gifts and worthiness and understood and realised that my way of leading and being a nurse was different than what the system fostered/supported. However, I discovered I was not the only one feeling this way. In fact, on stage at the VPNG (Victorian Peri-operative Nurses Group) Management Seminar, host Anna Hinz, commended me for standing out as a leader, complimenting me on my courage.

Lauren, your piece was awesome, you have so much to offer people who are open to it and we need people like you to show us the way! I’d be proud to be associated with such an innovative force in our industry! It was awesome to meet you and experience your magic.’ Anna Hinz

Taking very seriously the comments and testimonial from Anna, I am committed to holding the vision for what life can be, even when most of the medical community is not on board yet. I am passionate and committed to speaking on more stages to share my wisdom.

As a thought leader and consultant in my own practice, I coach people both privately and in groups, and facilitate transformative workshops. I regularly speak at conferences and seminars.

Through my program ‘Love Your Extraordinary Life.’ I am blessed to change the way caring professionals, women and leaders see themselves and their responsibilities.  Especially those who feel burnt out, stuck, angry and silenced.  I know that they can feel empowered and supported to honour their needs, dreams, desires: their life. That they connect with their untapped internal resources and recognise themselves as the powerful and loving creator of their own extraordinary Life.

Being in the presence of Lauren literally will change your life. 

‘Thanks for the chat today, I could have talked to you all day, so much wisdom, kindness and food for thought. I love what you are doing with your life and how you inspire others, including me.” Cathy S Nurse Unit Manager

About this Blog: Always an open book and loving people, I share what I feel drawn to write about, comment on, that which is currently in my life, my latest learnings, fascinations, understandings, challenges, celebrations and beliefs.

Love Your Extraordinary Life was created to inspire you too to live your best life, tapping into your fullest potential to live your life with purpose, authenticity, freedom and grace. Living an extraordinary life is the art of living genuinely, confidently, joyfully and with gratitude.

“When we shine we give permission to others around us to shine too.”

I live in Melbourne, Australia with George my partner, and my three gorgeous, grown-up sons, Chris, Sean and Aaron, our beautiful rescue dog, Ruby, our cheeky loveable cats, Mia, and Lazarus.

To find out more about working with me as a coach, speaker or the workshops I lead visit