Forget About Fitting In at Work


Forget About Fitting In at Work

Fitting In Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Fitting in isn’t all it was cracked up to be back in primary school. When we were young, we learned to limit ourselves, play small, hide behind masks, all so we could please others and avoid conflict.

Then fast forward, we’re all grown up, and we’re still unconsciously following someone else’s rules (from family and the society). Mostly we don’t even question it until it becomes too hard, too uncomfortable or deeply painful to continue pretending as if all is OK.

If you notice yourself going along with what others are saying or doing, or asking you to do, whether you agree with it or not, just to keep the peace, here are some steps you can take to win back your power.

Step 1: Notice that you are sacrificing yourself to keep the peace or not rock the boat. Take a bit of time to journal about what’s going on, what are the habitual thoughts that keep influencing you, and how you really feel about it. You don’t have to show it to anyone, this is really for you to become more conscious.

Step 2: Clear the emotional charge around the issue. One way is to just allow yourself to feel. Sometimes this can seem really hard but it’s actually the fastest way to clear it. Many times I’ve noticed things clearing astonishingly fast just by allowing the emotions to be. I also have found EFT (Tapping) to be extremely helpful for this, and it is my method of choice to use with my clients.

Step 3: Decide. There comes a time when you have to decide that you are worthy, that what you say and think and feel has value. Making this decision becomes the foundation for the future steps you will take in the direction of your own empowerment. Once again, I use tapping to bring forward the strength, power and confidence my clients need to move forward.

Step 4: Get help. As a therapist, I have seen it all, and as a woman, I have been there too. What I know is that this world can be a difficult place, and we all need support now and again.

I would love to offer you my No Apologies, You Get To Be You Consultation

During this consultation, you’ll gain

  • Clarity on where you want to go, be or do.
  • Understand your biggest obstacles that
    are stopping you from achieving your dreams.
  • Map out exactly what you should focus on to
    move forward.
  • Receive my best recommendations for your
    Extraordinary Life Strategy and the next
    steps you should take.
  • My honest evaluation of what you can achieve
    once you get clear and take action.
  • Calls are recorded via phone or Zoom video
    conferencing. You’ll gain aha’s and will want
    to listen again.
  • This session is valuable, worth $200.
    It is yours free and with no obligation. 
  • Feel heard, understood and clearer. 



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