Follow Your Joy Challenge - Lauren Bell

Follow Your Joy Challenge Love Your Extraordinary Life

Attention Heart-Centred Professionals

Nurses, Teachers, Wellness & Service Professionals, Coaches, Entrepreneurs

Do you struggle to know and say what you really want?

Do you struggle to go after it or manifest it into your life?

Have you lost hope? Frustrated with trying?

Would you like to follow your joy confidently?

Many caring heart-centred professionals are so busy looking after others that they don't have time or the space to tune in to their deepest desires.

But deep down, they want more but feel stuck on making these changes in their lives.

Is that you too?

This unique 5-day challenge, Skyrocket Your Hope & Discover Your Joy Again will guide and support you to tune in and find your deepest desires so that you can follow your bliss and passion in life.

Using simple transformation techniques, dedicate 10-15 minutes each day of the challenge and manifest more joy in your life.
Love your extraordinary life.
Because you deserve it.

Are you ready for more?

  • Feel more energised, excited and secure about life and what it has to offer
  • Feel acknowledged, respected and appreciated for all that you do.
  • 100% know your value and feel financially secure.
  • Take clear focused enthusiastic action on the most important things for you.
  • Stand in your truth and ask for what you want and need with confidence.
  • Feel delighted to be you.

Are you tired of

  • Feeling stuck all the time
  • Working so hard, and yet never seem to get ahead?
  • Putting everyone else ahead of yourself?
  • Doubting yourself?
  • Feeling anxious?
  • Feeling guilt or shame; always critical of yourself?
  • Feeling depleted, on edge, or waiting for something to go wrong?
  • Feeling disillusioned with your work or another area of your life and questioning if it's still right for you?

Imagine if you could

  • Dig deep and uncover what your heart truly wants and be able to ask for it and get it.
  • Feel so confident and certain in who you are and what you do.
  • Create a life that is easier, joyful.
  • Earn more money WITHOUT working harder.
  • Feel supported and abundant to embrace opportunities head-on.
  • Make a difference in the world as you have dreamed.

Skyrocket Your Hope & Discover Your Joy Again

Join this special 5 Day Challenge

You will be guided and supported to tune into your joy and bliss so that you can manifest what you love more of in your life.

Monday 24th January - Friday 28th January 2022


About Lauren

Lauren is a wellness & wealth coach, self-worth mentor, thought leader, international speaker and co-author of The Anxiety Relief Handbook.

With over 30 years as a registered nurse and 16 years as a holistic therapist, Lauren delivers high impact transformational coaching that clears self-doubt, anxiety and inner blocks, so that you can reimagine your wealth story, attract and enjoy true wellness and wealth with confidence and charisma.

She coaches caring professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide in her 'Love Your Extraordinary Life’ workshops and programs.