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The Anxiety Relief Handbook

Free Book Chapter

The Anxiety Relief Handbook

The anxiety relief handbook is an essential resource for anyone experiencing anxiety. Whether you experience symptoms from time to time or for a long time, you are sure to find diverse range of anxiety relief applications you can use instantly. These techniques have been tried and tested by qualified complementary and allied health professionals and delivered simply for you to ’try on’ at home.
Experience calm and effective relief from anxiety.

About The Author

Wellness & Wealth Coach, Lauren Bell is a thought leader, consultant, speaker and co-author of The Anxiety Relief Handbook: Calm & effective anxiety relief tools from Complimentary and Allied health professionals.

With over 30 years as a registered nurse and 16 years as a holistic therapist, Lauren delivers high impact transformational coaching that clears self-doubt, anxiety and inner blocks, so that you can reimagine your wealth story, attract and enjoy true wellness and wealth with confidence, charisma.

Lauren’s clients are ambitious, high-achieving professionals often in the health and service industries. They have big dreams of helping people, sharing their gifts and impacting the world.  They are busy and although they look good on paper they still doubt themselves. Many of Lauren’s clients feel frustrated, overwhelmed, overworked, and are at risk of burn out. They are suffering with professional anxiety and fears that limit them, making them play small and live far below their potential.

Lauren empowers caring professionals from around the world to step up, stand out, be recognised and valued at the highest level in their field. Through her ‘Love Your Extraordinary Life’ workshops and programs.

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