Unleash Your Happy Nurse! Professional Workshop (Virtual) 14th August

Unleash Your Happy Nurse! Professional Development Workshop (VIRTUAL)



We are in difficult times. Nurses are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and yet, there is always more to do.   The truth is, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, rates of burnout among nurses were at all time high levels. So, what is the cost now?

  What is the cost now?

  • Are you in a constant state of stress and frustration, feeling unable to get ahead?
  • Are you feeling underappreciated, undervalued, and overworked?
  • Do you dream of making a bigger impact, but the truth is, you’re just surviving?
  • Are you worried about disappointing others if you say “No?”
  • Do you feel guilty about taking time for yourself?
  • Are you wondering if nursing is still for you?


Total Cost - $97

 Saturday 14th August  9.30 am - 4.30 pm

You’re not alone.

40% of nurses experience burnout at some point in their career, according to 2019 statistics, due to the ever-increasing emotional and physical demands, the impact of compassion fatigue and the familiar feeling of being undervalued. And that’s before the impact of COVID-19!

Nursing is a career of polarities – rewarding yet challenging, fulfilling yet frustrating, encouraging yet exhausting – and can take a toll on mental health.

Professional anxiety largely impacts how we feel at work, workplace relationships, and personal and professional goals. Our dreams, ideals, and success get wrapped up in this thing, leaving us feeling stuck and helpless.

You’re on a structured pay scale and don’t feel like you can earn more. Even if you can, you have to give more to make more.

And the fallout of that is the never-ending spiral of more exhaustion, more guilt, and even less time for the people and things you love most.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Unleash Your Happy Nurse! Join us for this Professional Workshop

and learn the 5 keys to becoming a Happy Nurse

It’s time to do something for you.

Invest in your personal and professional development. 

At this full day, experiential workshop, you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding into stress, burnout and identify where you might be right now. 
  • Learn about compassion fatigue and moral injury, and the underlying reasons why nurses are so at risk.
  • Learn why working more and working harder are not giving you the money, the results, or the appreciation you want and deserve.
  • Have the confidence to say 'No' and create healthy boundaries so you can have more time for yourself and your dreams.
  • Come away feeling calmer and happier with simple and effective tools you can use right away to reduce stress and anxiety. 
  • Create your own Happy Nurse Self-Care Plan.


  • All day interactive workshop 9.30 AM - 4.30 PM 
  • Your own PDF copy of The Anxiety Relief Handbook (RRP $19.95)
  • Door prizes!
  • 6 hours CPD and a Certificate of Attendance provided at the end of the workshop.


Do something for yourself. Invest in your personal and professional development. See you there!

Your Presenters

Lauren Bell R. N, wellness and wealth coach, together with Elaina Mullery (The Happy Nurse), are the experienced facilitators bringing you this full day workshop, Unleash Your Happy Nurse! Release stress, avoid burnout, feel more valued.   With over 40 years of clinical nursing experience and a variety of wellness and coaching qualifications between them, this is a team that understands the daily challenges nurses face and have developed tools and strategies to support and empower nurses, transforming their lives.

Lauren’s Story

For over 35 years, I’ve been a nurse, and there’s much I have loved. But like so many, I worked long hours, taking on all the stress, not getting paid what I was worth and yet continually being asked to give more. Between juggling family, a partner, and being responsible for teams and others at work, I found myself at the bottom of my list.

I was working in the operating theatre in a busy Melbourne hospital and had been there for seven years. I was holding out for long-service leave, awarded after ten years of service.

But the truth was, I didn’t know how I was going to get through those last three years. I was no longer enjoying work; I was hiding my love of holistic health believing it was incompatible with western medicine. I felt exhausted, resentful, and anxious about money. I was responsible for my family and mortgage, which meant full-time work; I needed job security. I felt trapped and didn’t see that I had any choice. Running on empty, I wasn’t doing a good job anywhere in my life. My work was suffering, my relationships were suffering, and it was affecting my health physically, emotionally and mentally. I hit rock bottom. I was burned out.

I knew it was time to reach out for help.

Through coaching and evidence-based stress reduction tools I moved from burnout and blaming to soaring free. I was able to clear the blocks and barriers keeping me from my own inner source of strength, shifting me into a state of believing, unapologetically, in my own value and worth. I found myself happier, less stressed, more open to opportunities, and financially stable.

Now, I teach caring professionals my Soaring Free Method, empowering them to reach further than they ever have before, releasing stress and self-doubt, going from limitations and burnout to embracing wealth and wellness.

Burn Bright Don’t Burnout.

Lauren’s qualifications include:

• Registered Nurse • B.A.Sc.(Health Promotion) • Grad. Cert. Clinical Nursing (Perianaesthetics) • Grad. Dip. Counselling • Certified Tapping into Wealth Transformation Coach • EFT Practitioner • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Elaina’s Story

The founder and host of the Happy Nurse Podcast, Elaina Mullery RN studied nursing at The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. She spent the first ten years of her career in Scotland before moving to Perth, Australia in 2010. Her clinical experience has been across a variety of settings.

Elaina has first-hand experience of stress and burnout. It was this experience during the early years of her career, which led her to develop a passion for personal development. She has a diploma in Mindfulness and Meditation, is a certified hypnotherapist and a certified NLP Practitioner. These tools and skills have helped her to develop self care tools and strategies that she now shares with Nurses Internationally.

In the UK over the past six years, on average, one nurse per week has ended their life by suicide.

These figures are very confronting and it is one of the reasons why Elaina has made it her mission to reduce burnout in nurses. As a profession, we are kind, compassionate and empathic professionals whose role is to ensure our patients are receiving the care they require and to be their advocate as and when needed.

We often forget, though, to offer ourselves the same compassion that we so freely give to others. Burnout can creep up on us if we are not careful and we can find ourselves with empty cups and nothing left to give. Multiple studies have shown that mindfulness is an effective and useful tool in the reduction of the impact of stress on healthcare professionals.

With this in mind she set out on a mission to find a way to make it easy for her nursing colleagues to ensure that all their self-care needs were being met.

Elaina is on a mission to reduce anxiety and burnout in nursing. She does this by promoting self-compassion to her nursing colleagues via her coaching, podcast, media appearances and webinars. She is available for consultation in the corporate sector and is a highly sought-after speaker for nursing and medical seminars, where her direct and practical style strikes a chord with her strongly engaged audience.

What Past Participants Are Saying

"Elaina has a great approach to this topic; she doesn't fluff it out. She gives real-world examples and made me see that self-care is easier than I thought."

- G.R.- Perth

"Lauren, your piece on 'Self Care, Your Responsibility' was awesome. You are a leader with so much to offer nurses who are open to it. We need people like you to show us the way! I'm proud to be associated with such an innovative force in our industry! It was awesome to meet you and experience your magic."

- Anna Hinz - Perioperative Services Manager, Melbourne

"I attended the Happy Nurse Workshop and would recommend it to any nurse regardless of how long you have been nursing. We need to look after ourselves, and the tips on doing this is invaluable. I truly benefited from it, thank you."

- Judy Heise - Gold Coast

"I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is looking for more satisfaction in life. Lauren is warm and enthusiastic about her work and knows her subject. Participants are guided by someone who is a living testament to what can be achieved through transformative work."

- R.M.- Melbourne.

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