Honour Your Individuality, Follow Your Heart


Honour Your Individuality, Follow Your Heart

I was listening to Mike Dooley’s Life on Earth while travelling 6 hours on the bus from Sapa to Hanoi whilst on holiday in Vietnam.
It really was inspirational and I felt very grateful for Mike’s message. 
What I loved most and my takeaways were…
  • I am, we are, all truly blessed.
  • Honour your individuality.
  • Follow your heart.
  • Honour yourself and your dreams.
  • Live deliberately, love consciously and know all is supremely well.
  • Be the light unto humanity.
  • Love all because you love yourself.
  • Nothing you could ever do will ensure another’s happiness, it’s up to them.
  • There is no mistake you are eternal, you chose to be here.
  • You are what God wanted you most to be.
  • You are supremely God.
  • You are literally the eyes and ears of creation.
  • Humanity is waking up.
  • This is our chance to wake up to who we really are.
  • It’s your choice, you are at a crossroad, awaken or resist?
  • Time-space are illusions.
  • Life is being projected by you, not perceived by you.
  • Thoughts become things.



We have chosen to be here on Earth at this time, we are eternal beings and humanity is waking up, consciousness is being raised and we are realising that we do have a choice. The choice is between FEAR and LOVE. 

If we listen to our hearts when we need to make a decision and our body feels open and peaceful, or excited and happy then that is your answer, follow your heart. Choose love. 

However, if you feel constricted, anxious, contracted in your body then your answer is no. It means you need to avoid the situation because it is not right for you and your heart is letting you know. 

This is where I use a very cool prayer when I recognise that I am in fear. I say to myself, “I recognise I am choosing fear, in this holy instant I choose love instead.” I find this so comforting and really do experience that the Universe does have my back. 


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Honour Your Individuality, Follow Your Heart