How To Turn Overwhelm Into Peace

No Apologies! You DO Deserve More! It’s Time For You to Start Receiving.


Are you doing for everyone else but you? Master your work/life balance, enjoy radiance, enthusiasm & zest for life.

Are You A Caring Heart-Centred Professional Or Entrepreneur?

I work with caring heart-centred people that really do want to make a difference in the world, but they feel invisible, overworked and undervalued. Maybe you feel burnt out, stuck, anxious and frustrated by the stresses of your work?

  • Are you caught in the cycle of over-giving and self-sacrificing that leads to exhaustion and resentment and to top it all off you are not getting paid or recognised for what you’re worth? 
  • Maybe you have doubts about your ability, fears that are stopping you, keeping you playing small? 
  • Maybe you don’t even believe you deserve more money?


Have you ever stopped to think about that?

Caught In That Trap

As a Registered Nurse myself for over 30 years, I was caught in that trap. I noticed that many of us in the caring industries are caught in a victim/blame cycle when it comes to our workplaces and our money.

We feel disempowered, limited, that it’s impossible, that we don’t deserve more or can’t ask for more, or we just feel like we’re on an endless treadmill where we can’t even slow down enough to think about it.

I felt that way myself until I learned how to clear the blocks and barriers that stopped me from my own inner source of strength and wealth.

I discovered what was getting in the way of my wellbeing including my financial well being (and then that of my clients) and I learned how to shift into a state of believing, no apologies, that I am valuable and worthy.

I Do Deserve To Feel Respected, Appreciated, Have My Needs Met And I Deserve To Have More Money.

And it came.

  • I tripled my income and freed up my experience of money, and my ability to receive.
  • I felt valued and appreciated by those I work with and for, my loved ones and friends.
  • For the first time in my life, I had a great work/life balance.
  • I felt free.


Yes, my patients and clients need care, and I need care as well.  I can actually be at the helm of my own life rather than at the mercy of my job. I turned it around.  And I can help you too.

  • To believe, no apologies, that you are deserving,
  • That you can earn more, much more…
  • You can go for more, you can fly…
  • To feel appreciated, respected and valued.
  • To feel beautiful and have your needs met.

IT STARTS WITH ME! Burn Bright Don’t Burnout

Imagine everything you could offer the world, and what the world could offer you in return. Gain meaning and purpose in your life, understand your worth – your unique gifts and brilliance through accessing your own internal resources that are present, ready and waiting for you to harness.

Working with a range of clients, including health professionals, caring professionals and entrepreneurs, Lauren utilises Tapping into Wealth strategies that assist in breaking down the barriers and unconscious programming that hold you back from realising your true potential and fully embracing your goals and dreams. Do you ever:

  • Feel as though you’ve lost your way on the path to success?
  • Set goals and push yourself to the point of exhaustion?
  • Allow your job to push you into stress and overdrive?
  • Let your job impact the connection you have with your family and friends?
  • Feel anxious and like you’ve failed?
  • Often stress and become anxious about money?

If you answered yes to any of the above then Lauren’s services will be essential to getting your life back onto the path of success. Through a series of carefully crafted consultation sessions, you will gain a deeper understanding of the biggest mind-body barriers you have against achieving financial freedom and creating REAL wealth, financial stability and success!