Limiting Ourselves to 'Fit' In - Lauren Bell

Limiting Ourselves to ‘Fit’ In Don't live on the sidelines, live life on the court!

Too often we limit ourselves, play small, hide behind masks, pleasing others and avoiding conflict, trying to get along and live an ‘easy’ life.

We are on the sidelines not on the court of life.

This mostly unconscious behaviour is following someone else’s rules and programming (from family and the society we live in and belong to). Mostly we don’t even question it until it becomes too hard, too uncomfortable or deeply painful to continue pretending as if all is ok.

I have been there too; I know it doesn’t have to be this way.

This is why I am so passionate to help and show beautiful, amazing people with big hearts, who lack the confidence to ask for what they need. People who know they have much to give, that they are here for a purpose, but who hide and find it difficult to be seen, to speak up and be heard and to be appreciated as they truly deserve.

As a therapist, I help you to understand, accept and clear past programming and traumas to become more aware, peaceful and liberated to choose differently. As a coach I get you moving forward with certainty to deliberately live with freedom and authenticity, to fully express yourself with confidence and clarity. The life that serves you in all ways: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, in relationships with Self and with others, in your wealth and lifestyle.

Passionate for holistic health and wellness – body, mind, and spirit, I am an uplifter and motivational coach who uses therapy, coaching and workshops to move you forward and live the life you dreamed of; ‘An Extraordinary Life’.

Are you fed up? Do you need to step up boldly and confidently to transform your life in areas where you feel stuck, frustrated and alone?

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Let’s make Your Life Extraordinary

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