Seeing The Silver Lining During Difficult Times


Seeing The Silver Lining During Difficult Times

Seeing the silver lining
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Seeing The Silver Lining during Difficult Times

How often do we see the gift and blessings that come out of difficult times? Seeing The Silver Lining during Difficult Times

The proverb, “Every cloud has a silver lining,” can be traced back to at least the early 17th Century. It reminds us that difficult times do pass and something positive to be found in negative situations.

Life can be so challenging. When we are in the midst of tough times, it is easy to be engulfed by the feelings it evokes and the often negative meanings we ascribe to it. 

Although we know that things will pass with time, it is important to feel and experience the depth of what we are going through. Otherwise, we are just band-aiding the pain that needs to be healed, and it will continue to rise until we do finally deal with it.


Looking back at some of the most difficult times in my life,
I realise they were times that I experienced the most profound growth.
They moved me into greater faith, peace and happiness.

Although the pain was great, it allowed me to make difficult decisions that I had been avoiding. I was able to face finally, stop and listen to what my heart was telling me.

Seeing the silver lining
Difficult Roads Often Lead To Beautiful Destinations Photo by Dave Hoefler-Unsplash

I often experienced a 180-degree turn in my understanding, in my courage, in my feelings of worthiness, which led me to see opportunities in a new light.


I do believe in a Universe that happens for you, not to you, and that it is happening for your Spirit’s growth and expansion even when it seems as though this can’t be so. This faith belief has become easier with age and experience. It allows me to relax and stop trying to control things because, of course, this is impossible and only leads to more pain and anxiety.


‘Let Go Let God’ is the classic saying and action that allows you to rest in this place.


My love to you if you are on that difficult road right now, and I pray you can experience the silver lining soon.


Have you ever experienced something exceptionally positive that came directly from a difficult time? I’d love to hear a bit about your story. Please share in the comments below.


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Seeing The Silver Lining During Difficult Times