Self Care, necessary or hype?


Self Care, necessary or hype?

In October 2018 I am a speaker at the Australian College of Perianaesthesia Nurses (ACPAN) National conference in Brisbane. My presentation is experiential for all the participants involving the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping as a way to self-care.

The Self-Care Message is essential for nurses. It is essential for anybody that cares for another. So that means pretty much all of us. Parents, children, siblings, friends and those who care in professional roles.

So many of my colleagues and my clients tell me they are good at giving but not good at receiving. But there are so many reasons why this doesn’t serve them or the people they are caring for.

It’s the old analogy… For safety, you must fit your own oxygen mask first before attending to another.

We all need self-care and we must take responsibility for our own self-care. It is not up to anyone to do it for us.

When we have a good understanding and respect for this, we do this from a place of honouring our needs. There is no reason for guilt or excuses such as lack of time. We may need to ask another to step in for us while we attend to our own needs.

Unfortunately, all too often we give and give and give until we are depleted, burnt out, stressed, we make ourselves sick physically, mentally and emotionally and it impacts our relationships and how we care.

For me, self-care means filling my cup. We must give from the overflow, not the cup itself,  then we are never depleted, and we CAN give our best.

How do you fill your cup?

For me, I love walking with my dog Ruby. She shows me how to be present in the moment and I feel grateful and blessed to be alive. She runs so fast with a big smile on her face, so happy and excited to be free, outside, full of speed and delighting in all the sniffs she can find.

There are so many ways to do self-care. Meditate, mindfulness, massage, healing sessions, special meals, outings with friends, exercise, reading a great book, smelling the roses, sunsets, craft, cuddles….

Some can involve a cost but there are many and varied ways to do self-care that are free too.

There is no right way, but it must be your way. And what you must do is be conscious of it, appreciate it and acknowledge that it is your self-care and that you are filling your cup.

Enjoy your self-care. Make it your priority. You deserve it.