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'I Deserve More!' Clarity Coaching Session

In this complimentary session you will receive:

  • Clarity on where you want to go, be or do.
  • Understand your biggest obstacles that
    are stopping you from achieving your dreams.
  • Map out exactly what you should focus on to
    move forward.
  • Receive my best recommendations for your
    Extraordinary Life Strategy and the next
    steps you should take.
  • My honest evaluation of what you can achieve
    once you get clear and take action.
  • Calls are recorded via phone or Zoom video
    conferencing. You'll gain aha's and will want
    to listen again.
  • This session is valuable, worth $200.
    It is yours free and with no obligation. 
  • Feel heard, understood and clear. 
  • Contact Lauren Now
    61 409171577
    Email [email protected] 

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When I work with you, we will begin with Wealth Mindset Coaching to reveal and clear unconscious blocks, vows, and traumas around money, your earning power and self-value.

Money is a symbol for all areas of your life including how much you deserve to be paid, loved and respected by those around you. When you supercharge your wealth and money mindset, you will reap the benefits in all areas of your life. That is why we start there, and then we get to into other areas you want to change.

I offer Group Coaching Programs for people who desire a sense of community and belonging on their transitional journey. These programs launch quarterly, beginning with  Level 1: Supercharge Your Wealth and Money Mindset. More details below.

I also offer One-on-One Coaching for people who prefer a personalized and private approach to support. See below for more information on both group and one-on-one coaching.

To explore which program fits you best, let’s connect. Please use my [CONTACT FORM] to send me some information about you, and we’ll schedule.


Benefits of Group Coaching

With Group Coaching, you become part of a deeply connected group of like-minded people who get you, understand you, and who genuinely want to help you to succeed as quickly as possible. This tribe offers broader experiences, shares similar goals, provides feedback, support, encouragement and affirmations.

Benefits Include:

  • Affordability: Group coaching allows me to help more people in less time and pass on the savings to you.
  • Support: Gain access to great support from me and your peers who are going through the same process.
  • Accountability: Inspiration to stay on track with your goals
  • Reflection: See your own value through the eyes of others.
  • Learn and Gain Inspiration from others experiences
  • Mastermind to spark creativity and ideas, build enthusiasm, and share resources
  • Aspire: Hold a higher viewpoint than you had previously dreamed possible as your confidence grows and is affirmed.


Benefits of One-on-One Coaching

With private One-on-One Coaching, I am able to customize my approach to assist you to go more deeply into your personal patterns and therefore move through your transitions more quickly and effectively. One-on-One Coaching is especially for those who have limited time to participate in group classes, and who prefer a private coaching environment.

Benefits Include:

  • Customization: I can collaborate more deeply with you to get the desired results more quickly
  • Privacy: You can remain private and do not have to share your challenges with peers
  • More Focused Time: With the focus on you, we have more time to cover the details of your challenges and develop customized solutions
  • Flexibility: We can meet at times that are more convenient for you

Level 1: ‘Supercharge Your Wealth and Money Mindset’

It’s easy to wish for more money and abundance, but in order to create outer wealth, you need to do the inner work. Money is a symbol for all areas of our life: how much we deserve to be paid, loved and respected by those around us. Through close partnership with me, you will learn to dream big and know with confidence that you can achieve the extraordinary life you fully deserve.

The real reason you don’t see more money in your life is programmed into your mind-body connection without your permission. Get ready to activate this mind-body connection, to liberate yourself from limiting concepts and past money traumas. Ready yourself to create a whole new level of wealth, and watch as it impacts all areas of your life.

  • Reveal and clear unconscious blocks, vows, and traumas around money, your earning and self-value.
  • Supercharge your wealth and money mindset and reap the benefits in all areas of your life
  • Discover your personal Money Map, Family Programming and The Downside of Wealth,
    Financial and Goal Trauma, and Set Outrageous Goals
  • Private Facebook Group Money Mindset Power Group
  • Extraordinary Life Virtual Vision Board Workshop

Level 2: Step Up and Stand Out

Do you know that it's time to step up and stand out but fears and blocks limit you? In Level 2, you will clear the fears and vows of perfectionism and invisibility. Understand and manage overwhelm, procrastination and sabotage. Release fears and dislike of selling and become great at heart-centred enrollment. Market yourself and your work with confidence and new understanding. Be seen, stand out and be bold so you can be paid well doing what you love and deserve.

Clear unconscious blocks, vows, and traumas around selling, marketing, speaking up, being heard, standing out and being seen.

  • Gain a new level of confidence when going for a new job, new position, or starting a new business
  • Clear Invisibility Vows
  • Pinpoint your Niche Market
  • Clear the shadow of Selling
  • Let go of selling “time for money” services
  • Continued membership in the Facebook Money Mindset Power Group

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