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'How to Get Your Extraordinary Life'
Coaching Session

In this complimentary session you will receive:

  • Clarity on where you want to go, be or do.
  • Understand your biggest obstacles that are stopping you from achieving your dreams.
  • Map out exactly what you should focus on to move forward.
  • Receive my best recommendations for your Extraordinary Life Strategy and the next steps you should take.
  • My honest evaluation of what you can achieve once you get clear and take action.
  • Calls are recorded via phone or Zoom video conferencing. You'll gain aha's and will want to listen again.
  • This session is valuable, worth $200. It is yours free and with no obligation. 
  • Feel heard, understood and clearer. 
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Private Coaching

How does Coaching With Lauren Help You? How far do you want to go?

Firstly, Lauren will help you to develop inner clarity about where you are frustrated and stuck. Your limiting mindsets, beliefs, programming and traumas that are currently impacting your confidence, self-worth and financial success are recognised and cleared.

The next phase of your personalised coaching plan is to improve your life, to set outrageous goals and provide you with a bigger vision for what is possible; to foster your strengths. Lauren will help keep you focused, motivated, and accountable with every step. Hidden agendas and self-sabotage are met compassionately and supportively to be understood, worked through and cleared.

The final phase of coaching is your dramatic transformation, to a very different place. Your energy, outlook, joy, charisma, power, presence and courage are completely embraced. You will learn to acknowledge your true power, own your potential and truly honour your unique gifts. This helps you to strengthen relationships, build intimacy, and achieve confidence and success in your income and wealth, career/business/life goals. Live your extraordinary life, fulfilled and deserved.

Lauren also conducts regular group coaching programs that are highly successful. These can be tailor-made to your specific group or need, or participants can join into suitable programs. 

Consultations are typically conducted via Zoom Video Conferencing or telephone and can be accessed worldwide. Lauren has clients from all over the world, Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Europe and South Africa who seek her professional services.
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