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Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Why Group Coaching?

Group Coaching has many added benefits to one to one coaching. Benefits include:
• Affordability. Group coaching allows Lauren’s experience, coaching, teaching and healing that reaches more people and gains greater results, passing on the savings to you.
• A great entry point to coaching.
• Powerful maintenance program and ongoing support particularly following one to one coaching.
• A sense of community and belonging. Be part of a deeply connected group of like-minded people, who get you, understand you and genuinely want to help you and see you succeed as quickly as possible. This tribe offers broader experiences, shares similar goals, offers feedback and support, encouragement and affirmations.
• Fosters self-confidence, self-belief, seeing your own value through the eyes of others. Learn from others experiences; as well as inspire others through sharing.
• Creativity is sparked. Ideas, inspirations, enthusiasm, and resources are shared.
• Greater accountability gives rise to greater movement, momentum, and success. Hold a higher viewpoint and aspirations than you had previously dreamed possible as your confidence grows and is affirmed.

Which Coaching Course Is Best For Me? 

Lauren offers Group Coaching Programs all moving you from ordinary to extraordinary. Once the group begins, they are closed groups (unless specified) to develop confidence, trust, and empowerment of participants in a deeply cohesive community.

Lauren is passionate and inspired to move you from ordinary to extraordinary. For further information on group coaching and to see which program fits you best, call  Lauren on 61409171577 (Australia) or email [email protected] 

It Starts With Me! Group Program

This transformational 6 Month Group Coaching Program we reveal and clear your unconscious blocks, vows, and
traumas around money, earning and self-value. Supercharge your wealth and money mindset and reap the benefits in all
areas of your life.


Transform your money picture, transform your life! 

What past participants have said...

Through working with Lauren in her Group Wealth Mastery Program I have successfully uncovered hidden beliefs and have had a big mindset shift, across the board. Often it is not what we think that is holding us back but something very deep and hidden. But the good news is that it is changeable.
I enjoyed the group interaction and sharing; it was surprising and beneficial to realise how interconnected and similar our stuff was in many ways. I felt supported and assured by Lauren’s knowledge and ability to speak to our issues/ challenges. This is a great course.
Erena Oliver
Marlborough, New Zealand 🇳🇿

Before doing Lauren's Group Coaching Program, I used to obsessively worry about money. That has changed and things are easier, I am aware of faulty beliefs that no longer serve me. I love the fact I can keep tapping when something comes up for me. I love the tapping scripts that I can do at home and on my own.
I enjoyed Lauren’s coaching, I felt very supported, she is amazing. And I loved being able to share and learn from others in the group.

Calgary Alberta Canada 🇨🇦

Call Lauren or email [email protected] for more information