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Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Why Group Coaching?

Group Coaching has many added benefits to one to one coaching. Benefits include:
• Affordability. Group coaching allows Lauren’s experience, coaching, teaching and healing that reaches more people and gains greater results, passing on the savings to you.
• A great entry point to coaching.
• Powerful maintenance program and ongoing support particularly following one to one coaching.
• A sense of community and belonging. Be part of a deeply connected group of like-minded people, who get you, understand you and genuinely want to help you and see you succeed as quickly as possible. This tribe offers broader experiences, shares similar goals, offers feedback and support, encouragement and affirmations.
• Fosters self-confidence, self-belief, seeing your own value through the eyes of others. Learn from others experiences; as well aspire others through sharing.
• Creativity is sparked. Ideas, inspirations, enthusiasm, and resources are shared.
• Greater accountability gives rise to greater movement, momentum, and success. Hold a higher viewpoint and aspirations than you had previously dreamed possible as your confidence grows and is affirmed.


Which Coaching Course Is Best For Me? 

Lauren offers several themed Group Coaching Programs all moving you from ordinary to extraordinary. Groups run for various lengths and start at different times in the year. Once the group begins, they are closed groups (unless specified) to develop confidence, trust, and empowerment of participants in a deeply cohesive community.

$tress to $uccess Level 1 Wealth Mindset Coaching – 10-week program commencing end of January 2018 (weekly online live calls).  If you know that you need to clear unconscious blocks, vows, and traumas around money and how much you can earn then this is the course for you. Supercharge your wealth and reap the benefits in all areas of your life. 

$tress to $uccess Level 2 Marketing Mindset Coaching – 10-week program. Commencing May 2018. Do you know that you need to step up and stand out but fears and blocks limit you? Clear fears and vows of perfectionism and vows of invisibility. Market yourself with confidence and new understanding. Be seen, stand out and be bold so you can be paid well doing what you love and deserve. 

Intentional Extraordinary 2018 – For many, January brings inspired plans and resolutions for new beginnings but did you know that by January 4th most resolutions and dreams have gone by the wayside with people feeling despondent and hopeless. Let 2018 be your most inspired and intentional year yet. Set your goals and stick to them with this 12-month program. Calls in January are second weekly followed by 1 call per month to check in for accountability of intentions and focus on achieving and mastering success.

Lauren is passionate and inspired to move you from ordinary to extraordinary. For further information on group coaching and to see which program fits you best, call or email Lauren on 61409171577 (Australia) or [email protected]