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Why You Need Coaches and Coaching

Why You Need Coaches and Coaching

My whole career has been about my love of health and wellness, and helping people to be the best they can be. Even as a health and healing professional, though, I went through my own burnout journey. 

My advantage was that I understood what was going on in my world, what I was responsible for, and what I could and could not change. 

So, I left that particular workplace and finished a counselling postgrad that I was undertaking. 

These actions led me into coaching. 

All of us have that something that we just cannot get on top of. It is that something that we know can move us from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Coaching was this “something” for me.

Coaches and coaching

Athletes have coaches that bring the best out of their potential. The principle is the same for all types of coaches. 

We are the experts in our own lives. The answers are inside us, but limiting beliefs or past trauma block us. Having a coach allows us to see or blind spots. 

A coach asks thought-provoking questions so you can move forward safely and get the answers yourself. The process helps to recognise your inner critical thinking, and then moving you into empowerment. 

A coach and a client may have to do some work to heal, understand or reframe things. For example, you want to be successful, but at the same time you fear extra responsibility or that you need to work harder, or you are scared that a new job will take you away from your family.

Unlike traditional therapy coaching focuses on making you accept where you are now because you are perfect as you are. This is a great place to start discovering your potential and opportunity for growth and greatness.

Coaching also touches on self-compassion. You learn why you react in certain ways. When you discover the reason behind your reaction, then you can start forgiving yourself. This is just so freeing. You can give yourself what you have been looking outside from others to do for you. And it’s from this place of self-fullness that you can give and serve those you care for without feeling depleted. 

There is also the aspect of accountability. When you tell someone else that you are going to do something, you put power behind your words. Your coach can then help you be accountable for them and you get the results. 


One advantage of coaching over therapy is self-coaching.

It is the ability to ask the right questions of yourself without judgment. You empower yourself to feel differently about things and accept whatever the answers may be.

As human beings, we all have feelings. This is normal. Yet, we don’t like many of them. We don’t like feeling sad, being in grief or being angry. We have been taught not to feel them even if they’re normal parts of being human.

When you embrace and allow these emotions to come up in a safe way, you no longer need to defend yourself, so you have more ability to be fully expressed. You can get with the flow of these emotions and permit yourself to be who you are, and that is freeing. 

When you stop limiting yourself and allow yourself to be more authentic, your joy is revealed. You own who you are in a respectful way because you develop inner confidence and authority. You become the expert in your life, and what’s going on for you is right. 


Professional Anxiety

Besides emotions, people often experience periods of professional anxiety.

However, through coaching, you can alleviate the signs and symptoms of this condition.

In very simple terms, professional anxiety describes anxiety that you feel in the workplace. However, when you dive deep, it becomes more complicated. It could be related to each of these elements or a combination of them:

  • The work itself
  • A toxic environment
  • The relationships you have with colleagues
  • Your personal tendency to judge, doubt or hold yourself back

If you have professional anxiety, you will always feel you are not good enough for a promotion, even if you might actually be overqualified for a higher position. You worry that your performance is never good enough or doesn’t meet your expectations or ideals. You won’t even go for the role, or perhaps you do but you bring that energy of self-doubt with you. 

My professional anxiety triggered my burnout journey. I felt that I had reached the top of my pay level and had no other way of earning more money, except to do more work. 

So, I worked harder, took on more shifts. I was constantly exhausted and not taking care of myself. My anxiety kept building because I was over giving and overdoing things. I felt like I was doing nothing well. 

In addition, I had this compulsion to ‘fix’ other people’s problems and make them feel better. I now understand that this is impossible, but the need came because of my empathic and sensitive nature. Although these are all good qualities, I absorbed too much of other people’s sensations and feelings. 

I took on everyone else’s problems. I reached a point where the line between my condition and everyone else’s blurred.

If you resonate with my experience, you know it is such an overwhelming burden. 


Healthy Boundaries

You need to create healthy boundaries between what’s your responsibility and what’s not yours. 

That’s the whole point. You need to stay in your own lane even if it’s not easy. Once you understand more and recognise that it’s not doing you or the other person any good, then that’s where you can move into that empowered place and make a difference. 

As a certified Tapping into Wealth Coach, I use tapping (EFT) and mindfulness techniques to show my clients what is blocking them and where they are holding themselves back from getting to where they wish to be.

At the heart of what I do is the person. This is why I named my program “It Starts With Me.”

Together, I help my clients do the inside work so that their outer world changes. It truly is transformational. 

To learn more or to schedule your FREE 30-minute Wealth Breakthrough session, contact me.


Be Your Own Empowerment Coach Top 10 loving things to say to yourself

<span class="entry-title-primary">Be Your Own Empowerment Coach</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Top 10 loving things to say to yourself</span>

Many of the things we say to ourselves, we wouldn’t dream of saying to another person. We blame, shame, call names of the meanest sort, nag, belittle and bully ourselves through self-talk.

What if instead, we were gentler with ourselves? What if we asked ourselves questions and listened to the responses? What would it be like to treat ourselves as we would treat a best friend, someone we love dearly?

What if we could be our own empowerment coach?

It is possible, and it can start here with this list of loving things to say to yourself.


The Top 10 Loving Things to Say to Yourself.

1. What do you feel? Asking ourselves what we feel can help identify and put names to our emotions. To listen for an honest response is like taking our emotional temperature.


2. What do you need? A need is different from a want. Whereas a want states a desire, a need is usually a statement about nurturing. Pay attention to your needs; they’re about caring for yourself.


3. Good job. Congratulate yourself on a job well done, whether it’s mowing the lawn, completing a work project or cleaning the bathroom. Give yourself a verbal pat on the back.


4. I apologise. Saying “I’m sorry” for all the wrongs we have done ourselves—for being self-critical or breaking a promise to yourself, for example—can be the first step in healing.


5. Let’s play. Lighten up and be playful. Listen to what comes up when you suggest playing.


6. Breathe. Reminding ourselves to breathe helps relieve tension, gives us that moment we sometimes need to centre and ground ourselves.


7. I forgive you. Sometimes it’s easier to forgive others than ourselves. Yet, to have closure and to move on, we may also have to forgive ourselves.


8. Let go. Releasing anxiety, resentments, and fears loosens the grip of resistance and makes room for growth.


9. Be present. Staying present, being aware of the physical, acknowledging the moment—this is when we are truly alive.


10. I love you. We say it to others; why not say it to ourselves? Say it again. Say it again!


Do mirror work and say to yourself, “I love you.”

Mirror work is one of the simplest yet most profound exercises for learning to love yourself. It was introduced by Louise Hay, and after doing my own mirror work  I have been teaching for years.

It isn’t easy at first, and you will feel a bit silly, but it is worth doing and worth doing on a regular basis.

It’s not so hard. Here’s how… Every time you go to the bathroom, look in the mirror. Look into your own eyes and smile and say, “I love you. You are beautiful. You are amazing! I love you!”

It does get easier! And the reward, life becomes Extra-Ordinary!


It’s time for you!

If you know it’s time for you to start being kinder to yourself and you need some help, then reach out. I offer free wealth breakthrough sessions where we get to understand what’s really going on inside for you when it comes to fears, doubts, criticism and judgements.

Why is it a wealth breakthrough session, aren’t we talking about self-love? 
Your money story is a direct representation of how much you value yourself. Is it easy for you to receive? Can you take in a compliment? Can you tell yourself I love you? Can you tell others how amazing you are? If the answer is no, then it’s possible for you to transform your life in every area, to be more confident, to have more true wealth. It’s time for you!

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