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I am my unique self – special, creative, and wonderful.

I am my unique self – special, creative, and wonderful.

Walking the Tan Track Melbourne early one morning with my sister Anne, deep in our conversation, I suddenly understood my need for learning new things. 

I love learning and am always spending money on training, courses and coaching. Sometimes caught in the sales hype, I’ve spent money that I later regretted. And I judged myself for this. 

But now, I understand this need within me. I completed the Clifton Strengths assessment, and Learning, Intellection and Input are three of my top 6 strengths. 

Ahh, I get it now. I learn for the joy of learning, not necessarily for what it will give me. The shame I felt arose because there’s been training that I hadn’t fully acted upon – I could view it as a waste of money. But then I understood that I input information in my mind and can retrieve it quickly, which becomes an intellectual and intuitive resource when working with my clients. 

Speaking about it with Anne allowed me to connect the dots. I felt validated, and I let go of the judgement and shame that I was carrying. I saw my strengths and was awed by the result of the assessment. It explained so much. 

According to my trainer, of more than 25 million assessments, no two are the same! I am unique! And, I am not alone!

In some ways, it shouldn’t surprise me after all; we have unique fingerprints, personalities, experiences, perceptions; our children are all different, our pets have their quirks and personalities. Not even two snowflakes are alike. 



Can you take that in? 

Why am I telling you this? 


So that you can be mind blown knowing that you too are your unique self. To embrace it, explore that idea more deeply and stop fitting in with the masses and valuing mediocrity. 

I am my own unique self – special, creative, and wonderful. We ALL are. 

Numerous tools help you understand who you are, how you show up, how others perceive you, and why you do what you do. 

Here are just a few examples that I have experienced in the interest in knowing myself more deeply:


“You Are Unique. You Are Powerful. Be Confident With Who You Are”
Understanding your strengths unlocks your potential and leads you to greater performance. – Clifton Strengths 


Why is it helpful to self-reflect and understand yourself better? 

Self-reflection has provided me with more tools, insights, validation, and self-acceptance of who I am and how I show up in the world. This understanding gives me tremendous courage to be me. I can be understanding and enjoy these aspects of myself rather than comparing and judging. I am focusing on my strengths rather than looking only at my flaws.

I am unique in the universe. My Creator made me with a particular intention in mind. I am special, creative, and wonderful. Remembering these ideas helps me strive to reach my full potential.

Of all the people in the world, I am the only one that is exactly like me. My unique qualities and talents are gifts, and it is up to me to develop them to share with others and better the world around me.

I find my creative abilities increasing each day. I can find out-of-the-box solutions to any challenge. Being creative fills me with a sense of pride and wonder.


It can be challenging to be different from others. But I appreciate and embrace my uniqueness. My value to the world is directly related to my ability to demonstrate that I am one of a kind. 

It seems to me that fitting in makes me average, and ordinary people rarely do extraordinary things. Another reason I am happy is that I am different.

Each day, I become more confident that I am special. I have the strength to let the world see my true self. I am proud of who I am.

Today, I am willing to embrace my uniqueness and that of others as well. Each one of us, including me, is special, creative, and wonderful. It is up to me to show everyone how special I am.

And it’s up to you too. 

Ponder these Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What are some of my unique qualities that the average person doesn’t have?
  2. How can I use my special talents to increase my confidence?
  3. How can I capitalize on those qualities that make me unique?

Embracing your uniqueness is related to your self-worth. The higher your self-worth is, the more willing you are to receive payment for your value (think income, compliments, respects, gifts, ease, pleasure, and joy) and share your gifts with the world. 

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4 Easy Ways to Rise Up From Discouragement and Feel Better About Yourself

4 Easy Ways to Rise Up From Discouragement and Feel Better About Yourself

Life isn’t always what you expect. When the results you hope for don’t manifest themselves, this can sometimes leave you questioning your self-worth and abilities. It’s easy to fall into that trap of discouragement.

The good news is that you can also get yourself out of that melancholy mood!

Whenever you’re down in the dumps, it’s vital to take action to start feeling better about yourself. Dwelling on the negative and remaining in a depressed state is unhealthy. After a while, you’ll feel like you’re moving backward instead of forward. And this makes it more challenging to get back to a positive mindset.

Try these simple tips to restore your belief in you:

1. Reflect on past successes.

If you’re honest with yourself, you realise that you’ve enjoyed many successes in the past. 

  • Reflect on how satisfied and happy you felt when you earned something you worked extremely hard for.
  • Remember a time when you added value to another person. It may have been as simple as offering a smile, generously listening, holding them in high regard and validating them when they feel upset. 
  • Think about the impact you’ve had on your peers when you accomplished something they would love to achieve themselves and how you inspired them. 

2. Know that you’re uniquely created.

You have a unique blend of talents, abilities, personality, appearance, and purpose that is different from everyone else on the planet. There is no one else like you, and that’s a wonderful thing!

  • Remember times when you came up with your solution to a challenge that made things better for you or those around you.
  • Since you’re the only person like you, why not focus on your unique abilities and put those to work to evoke positive change in your life? Setting your new ideas in motion will go a long way toward restoring your self-confidence.

3. Do something you’re good at.

A sure way to boost how you feel about yourself is to do something you already know you’re good at.

  • Having even a small success is an excellent way to build reassurance and focus on the positive. 
  • It’s okay to need that self-reassurance from time to time. It’s a challenging time in a tough world, and it’s easy for outside influences to dampen your drive. Remind yourself that you’re a star in a part of the sky where nobody else shines quite as bright.
  • Proving to yourself that you can do something often gives you just enough motivation to get past that rough patch.

4. Make someone else feel special.

Making a positive impact on someone else’s life is one of the most empowering and uplifting experiences you can have!

  • Try volunteering at a local agency that helps those less fortunate than you. So many lives need a caring touch. Taking the opportunity to help them will enable you to feel that much more worthy.
  • Encouraging another person who lacks self-esteem can bring inner satisfaction that allows you to find your true purpose. You may sometimes forget about your hardships for a while because you’re so focused on helping someone else overcome theirs.

Try not to dwell on the negative feelings you might have about yourself. Know that all our emotions are part of the human experience. And you are not alone. 


Share your beautiful qualities with the world.

Instead, celebrate all the beautiful qualities you have inside and share those with the world. Take the time to reflect on your blessings, and you’ll begin to see for yourself how awesome and unique you are.

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