Testimonials - Lauren Bell



I am truly grateful to have had Lauren coaching me in my business. She has helped me to uncover deep limiting beliefs that have held me back and kept me stuck in all areas of my life. Her heart-centered work has supported me through the process of major transformations in my work, family, and relationships. I have been able to take control of my finances instead of procrastinating and feeling powerless. She has helped me to work towards my dreams with confidence and self-trust. Her experience and intuition have been very comforting along this journey.

Lisa Jansen Infinite Clarity Coaching

 I worked with Lauren for help with issues surrounding money blocks, feeling stuck, unhappy and unmotivated moving forward in my business.  I wanted to move up and strive for more; I had a sense of something within me that was holding me back.

Just over a week since my most recent session and I feel like the weight has lifted and my vision is becoming clear again. I am more confident in tackling new areas and avenues within my business and my money issues are starting to clear. Overall I'm feeling so much happier and would definitely recommend Lauren as a coach.

Carolyn Business Owner, Melbourne

Throughout my life, I have frequently tripped over the same problems, and no matter how hard I have wished them better they had not improved.  For example, if things went wrong, I would always make it my fault and personalize issues and experiences.  No one could be in a bad mood around me, without me getting upset, defensive and feeling victimized.    I was so over having these emotions ride me instead of me having a choice in what I experienced. I was aware that these patterns kept me from backing myself and stepping into my power, plus impacted negatively on my relationships, career success and overall happiness.

Throughout the journey with Lauren, I have been coached gently and with kindness to understand where and why I had these ‘trips’.  I look back on my life now and am thrilled and proud of what I have achieved.  My relationships have improved, I feel empowered and powerful in my self-expression. I no longer react and instead feel excited that my emotions teach me instead of hurt me. I now have the power and insight to view myself with compassion, self-love, and acceptance. This process is swift and not painful, I am no longer held hostage by past memories, no longer anxious to escape them and avoid them. I can speak my truth without fear or anxiety. My life feels so much more simple and pleasurable.

Plus I have achieved my dream job, that I pinch myself about every day. The confidence I have gained gives me a lovely feeling of finding the true me that was cowering somewhere before. This true me is exactly how I want to be, the person I always knew was in there. This journey of discovery has been insightful and enlightening and it’s a pleasure getting to know all I am capable of, I feel so unstoppable in my power now. A miracle has happened, and I have Lauren to thank for that. Thank you from my whole heart, Lauren.

Victoria S. Melbourne

Lauren coached me because I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed in my work life. Lauren not only helped me to uncover hidden issues but delivered positive strategies and tools to assist in transforming them, creating healing shifts and a sense of moving forward with confidence and clarity.

Lauren's genuine warmth and compassion as a coach is evident straight away and she is able to get to the core of the matter quickly. I would highly recommend Lauren as a coach to anyone who wants to create a greater feeling of success, fulfillment, and happiness in their life. 

April Business Owner, Melbourne.