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This group is for heart-centred professionals and entrepreneurs who want to love life.
More confidence, wealth, love and faith that all is well. 

Learn how to manifest more of what you want in your life. 
We are always manifesting, but we are mostly doing so subconsciously. We are affected by programming, emotions and thinking that is habitual and mostly unconscious. 
But is is possible to change it all! 
WEalth is so much more than money. It’s about enjoying abundance, health and fabulous relationships. It’s about self-love, self-appreciation, and seeing and trusting that there are so many opportunities for life to be extraordinary. 

Chances are though if you are like many caring professionals/entrepreneurial/mums who give so much to others and you find it more difficult to receive for yourself, there is nothing left for you. You can feel burned out by life. 

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you happy with what you earn?
Are you able to ask for what you want?
Can you do first for yourself without feeling guilty?
It’s easy to wish for more ($$$, love, acknowledgement and abundance), but you need to address your money story to create outer wealth in all areas of your life.
Once you address your money story and what you think you’re worth, you can reset how much money you can receive.

Your subconscious mind has your money/wealth story, patterns, and experiences from childhood. 

And this is the REAL reason you don’t see more money in your life.

And it is NOT your fault. That got put in there without your permission.
I have the blueprint and tools.
I have been studying this for over ten years, and I found the quickest way to rewrite this story, uplevel your money picture, make the money you want, ask for what you deserve, gain that promotion, and feel worthy in your work love to do.
Stop the self-doubt and the anxiety.
Stop letting fear hold you back. Stop procrastinating, hiding and playing small.
Claim your self-worth, and stand in your confidence, authority and value so that you receive abundant wealth, love and appreciation, just as you deserve.
And reclaim your power to shine!
Burn Bright Don’t Burnout.