The Anxiety Relief Handbook

The anxiety relief handbook is an essential resource for anyone experiencing anxiety. Whether you experience symptoms from time to time or for a long time, you are sure to find a diverse range anxiety relief applications you can use instantly. These techniques have been tried and tested by qualified complementary and allied health professionals and delivered simply for you to ’try on’ at home.
Experience calm and effective relief from anxiety.

The Anxiety Relief Handbook
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Love Your Extraordinary Life

About the Author

Lauren is a passionate WEalth consciousness coach, thought leader,  speaker and author of The Anxiety Relief Handbook: Calm & effective anxiety relief tools from Complementary and Allied Health Professionals.

An RN for 30+ years and 19 years as a holistic therapist, Lauren empowers caring professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide to step up, stand out, and be recognised and valued at the highest level in their fields.

Lauren’s clients are ambitious, high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs in service industries who want more to share their gifts and dream of helping others in a big way.

Yet, despite these desires, ‘professional anxiety’  erodes self-confidence making them play smaller and live far below their potential.

Through the Love Your Extraordinary Life coaching and teaching programs, Lauren transforms self-sabotage and programming to reveal and skyrocket your enthusiasm, confidence and charisma, the key to more WEalth to thrive in your divine purpose. 

Disclaimer: This book is a Hypnolab production.