How Over Giving Robs You The Wealth & Love You Deserve.

3 Keys to More Wealth, Love & Appreciation Without Anxiety & Stress
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Are you tired of turning yourself inside out to please everyone else when nobody helps you?

Are you trying to prove to everyone and yourself that you are good enough?

Do you still believe the more you give your job or your family, the more you will be rewarded?

Do you worry about disappointing others if you say no?


If you answered YES to any of these questions then this FREE interactive masterclass is for you.

Being ‘Good’ and Over Giving is not the recipe for love – 3 Keys to getting the wealth, love & appreciation you crave without losing yourself.

* Learn why being over-responsible robs you of time, wealth and love you desire.

* Lift the pressure of being everybody’s go-to person

* Use my ‘Soaring Free’ formula to create healthy boundaries so that you get more time for yourself and your dreams without feeling guilty or selfish

* Experience practical tools to reduce stress, shift the block around feeling worthy and up-level what is possible for you.



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What Past Participants Are Saying:

** I can’t believe the level of shift in my self-worth that took place in just a few moments.

** After attending Lauren’s class, I believed in my value and got the job and the higher rate of pay I asked for.

** Compassion to Self was my biggest takeaway.

**I found it very relaxing. I hear that little voice inside me telling me I need to do things. Now, I know I need to take time for myself and allow myself to slow down.