Let's Talk About WEalth

WEalth is so much more than money. It’s about enjoying abundance, opportunities, self-love, self-worth and healthy relationships.  

But chances are if you are a woman and a caring professional/entrepreneur/mum, who gives to everyone else, there is nothing left for you. You feel burned out by life. 

Do you feel stuck, frustrated, overworked and unappreciated? Maybe even invisible? Do you find it hard to say No to other people? To ask for what you need? 

Do you crave understanding and support?

I understand. I have been there too. And I want you to know that it is possible to break free from the barriers that are holding you back so that you claim your value and transform your life. To create and extraordinary life that you love. 

And there is a WE in WEalth because you don’t just want this for you. You want WEalth and well-being for your loved ones and beyond.  

Hello, I'm
Lauren Bell!

As a long-time health professional, mum and passionate WEalth Consciousness Mentor, I love working with other caring professionals and entrepreneurs ready to step up and claim their value, opening the doors to abundance & health.

There are many transitions in life. Change is inevitable and can be scary and challenging. Plagued by doubts and fears, we hold ourselves back and play small, settling for much less than is possible or desired. But the support and accountability of a coach will get you there sooner and with less frustration.

Together, we can achieve your success!


Wall of Love
From Clients

Client’s say remarkable things about the impact Lauren’s work has on their life and business success.

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“Lauren is warm and enthusiastic about her work. Clients are guided by someone who is a living testament to what can be achieved through transformative work.”

Robyn M.

“Instead of procrastinating and feeling powerless, I have taken control of my finances and I am creating the business of my dreams.”

Lisa Jansen

Infinity Coaching

“I’m so glad I met you. I feel strongly about the inner work I have done with you. I see my blockages, how they form and the way to move forward. I am no longer holding myself back feeling unworthy. I have upgraded what is possible for me and I know I am good at my work and deserve every cent that I earn.”

Gabrielle Galati

“I had a profound shift in my business immediately. I am working with six new clients who are more soul aligned with my purpose. I am more in love worth my practice and my clients as I am more deeply in love with myself.”

Marjolaine Rose

“I now have a full practice, my business has doubled and I have more than doubled my previous income and working less hours. I am more confident in my work and marketing.”

Ashja Perroni

The Space Within Us

“After 27 years in the same workplace, I knew I had more in me, I felt like my wings were clipped.

During my work with Lauren, I was approached by an organisation aligned with the work that I loved doing. I took up their offer, immediately securing a $46K PA pay increase with better working hours for my life balance.

And, we just announced to my team my new position as CEO!

I’m loving my Extraordinary Life and all I’m attracting.”

Chloe. C

Are You A Caring Heart-Centred
Professional Or Entrepreneur?

Do you want to make a difference in the world, but feel invisible, overworked and undervalued? Or maybe you feel burnt out, stuck, anxious and frustrated by the stresses of your work?

• Are you caught in the cycle of over-giving and self-sacrificing leading to exhaustion and resentment?

• Do you have doubts about your ability and fears that are stopping you, keeping you playing small?

• Are you not getting paid or recognized for what you’re worth? Maybe you don’t even believe you deserve more money?

Have you ever stopped to think about that?

Caught In That Trap

As a Registered Nurse for over 30 years, I was caught in that trap. I noticed
many of us in the caring industries are stuck…
feeling victimized and placing blame when we feel undervalued and overworked.

Feeling disempowered and limited, on an endless treadmill, we think we don’t deserve and can’t ask
for more, or can’t even slow down enough to think about it.

I felt that way until I discovered the inner blocks and barriers keeping me from my wellbeing, both mentally and financially. I learned how to shift into a state of unapologetically believing in my value and worth.

I Do Deserve To Feel Respected, Appreciated, Have My Needs Met And I Deserve To Have More Money.

Imagine everything you have to offer the world, and everything the world has to offer you in return.
Gain meaning and purpose and understand your worth – your unique gifts and brilliance – through accessing your own internal resources. They’re present, ready and waiting for you to harness.

Working with a range of clients, including health professionals, caring professionals and
entrepreneurs, Lauren utilises Tapping into Wealth strategies that assist in breaking down
the barriers and subconscious programming holding you back from realising your true
potential and fully embracing your goals and dreams.

Do you ever:

Feel as though you’ve lost your way on the path to success?

Set goals and push yourself to the point of exhaustion?

Allow your job to push you into stress and overdrive?

Let your job impact the connection you have with your family and friends?

Feel like you’ve failed?

Often stress and become anxious about money?

If you answered ‘Yes!’ to any of these then Lauren’s Mindset Mentoring is essential for getting
your life back on the path to success.

Through a series of carefully crafted sessions, you will gain a deeper understanding of the biggest mind-body barriers keeping you from claiming your value, achieving financial freedom and creating REAL stability and SUCCESS!